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1 May 2007 tbs.pm/3520

And now on City Road, idents and logos in print and promotional form.

Stickers and badges

Tyne Tees 'The Best View In The North' pin badge

Here’s an interesting little thing – from the mid-1980s it’s a Tyne Tees pin badge, with the slogan ‘The Best View In The North’.

Tyne Tees Television: top of the north

A Tyne Tees sticker from the 1980s, again with a catchy slogan. This time Tyne Tees is the “Top of the North”.

Thank You sticker from the 1990s

A corporate ‘Thank You’ sticker from Yorkshire Tyne Tees – cunningly including a T from the Tyne Tees logo, and the Yorkshire chevron.

Tyne Tees Television stickers

A row of four stickers, complete with 1980s style colour scheme, albeit with the 1998 Tyne Tees logo on them.

Get Fresh!

Get Fresh logo from T-shirt

From the mid-eighties, this ‘Get The TTTV Picture’ logo was scanned in from a t-shirt, given to lucky kids on the Tyne Tees programme, Get Fresh! And I’m sure the kids really did appreciate it!

Camera Badges

Camera badges are pretty straight forward. They’re badges attached to studio or outside broadcast cameras.

1980s studio camera badge 1980s studio camera badge

Two camera badges that would have been used on cameras in the City Road studios. The first is from a camera in Studio 5 – most famously known as where The Tube was recorded. The second is from the Northern Life studio.

Outside broadcast camera sticker

From the 1980s, a sticker that would have been applied to one of the outside broadcast camera.

Outside broadcast camera sticker

And a similar sticker from the mid 1990s, using the 1992 company logo.

1992 Relaunch

Tyne Tees rubber Tyne Tees ruler

As part of the change in company logo in 1992, a number of promotional items were made to help reinforce the new brand, including the TTTV ruler and eraser seen here.

Tyne Tees Television tie pin

At a slightly different end of the promotional market, comes the classy Tyne Tees Television tie pin.

Other promotional items

1980s Tyne Tees keyring

With Tyne Tees having sorted out your ruling and erasing requirements, clearly they needed to keep your keys safe too, using this 1980s key ring.

Box of matches

And for lighting candles (or more likely, the cigarettes of stars), you’ll need a Tyne Tees box of matches!

With Compliments!

1980s compliments slip

So how would you get all this stuff in the first place? Well often you just have to ask. And when it arrives in the post, you might even find one of those little ‘With Compliments’ slips to add to the collection. This example is from the 1980s, giving Tyne Tees’s address, phone number and of course, telex.

1992 compliments slip

Forward once more to 1992, and a very “designed” version – complete with address, phone and fax in suitably small type.

1998 compliments slip

To 1998 now. New logo, new slip. Note now the addition of the Granada logo at the bottom

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