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29 March 2006

All TV stations need to promote their programmes. As part of a national network, Tyne Tees has used a variety of networked and local promos over the years. Here are just a few examples.

Early 1980s

Caption for Emmerdale Farm from 1985

From 1985 a caption for Emmerdale Farm, complete with a rather moody looking drawing of a farm house.

Caption for Monday Matinee from 1982

Using the same design is this black and white caption for the Monday Matinee movie. Today’s feature presentation- Hell Drivers.

At this period, Tyne Tees broadcast idents and slides in black and white for those programmes which were not in colour.


Menu slide from 1987

A new style of menu without the circles was introduced in 1986, with this particular example coming from 1987, complete with very precise timings – just two minutes for regional news…

These menus were replaced in 1988 when the ‘Flowing Rivers Ident’ was introduced.

Caption for The Sweeny from 1987

From 1987, a plain and unbranded caption for The Sweeny.


Still from a generic Tonight On ITV trailer

Until the late 1990s, television companies would regularly show trailers showing the evenings entertainment on the channel. Tyne Tees was no exception. This version was a generic trailer using the ITV generic logo used up to 1989 – it was replaced by a new logo in that year.

Easter 1989

During the Easter weekend in 1989, Tyne Tees used a number of themed captions.

Searchline Special Update caption from Easter 1985 An Audience with Victoria Wood caption from Easter 1985

Two promo slides from the Easter period, which featured Cilla Black and Victoria Wood.

Menu slide from Easter 1985

Menu slide from the same weekend, and a thrilling end to the evening as Floyd on TV got followed by Hale and Pace.


Caption for the Joe Longthorne Show

With the 1989 generic ident thrown out, Tyne Tees gave itself a new, rather stripy look, as demonstrated by this caption slide for the Joe Longthorne Show.

End frame from a trailer for 'Flashback' Caption for 'Flashback'

First, the end frame from a local trailer for archive footage programme, Flashback. Followed by a static slide promoting Flashback. Note the lack of any corporate styling on the trailer – not even a station logo.

Christmas 1991

For Christmas 1991 ITV branded trailers were used, although Tyne Tees branded captions were used.

Pirate Prince trailer, from Christmas 1991

From 1991, an ITV networked Christmas trailer for the Boxing Day film, the Pirate Prince. This promo came in during ITV’s first real attempt at doing a generic ident and logo.

From the same time period, a trailer with no real branding (but still a networked trailer) for a Gulf War special of Strike It Lucky. Those lucky soldiers…

Christmas 1992 Coronation Street caption. Christmas 1992 Pinochio caption.

From the same year, a static Tyne Tees ‘Next’ caption for the the long running Coronation Street and one for the Disney film, Pinochio. Despite the prominent ITV logo in the trailers, all other promotional material was firmly Tyne Tees branded.

Christmas 1993

Crossroads - 30 Years On caption from New Years Day 1994

Two years later and an example of the Christmas 1993 presentation package. This example is actually from New Years Day 1994, for a look back at Crossroads, 30 years on.


It’s summer and Tyne Tees has some… err… interesting presentation…

Tyne Tees Lifeguard

Well it’s summer so obviously a beach lifeguard is what you show.

Friday at 8pm, the Bill

On this particular Friday evening comes The Bill in its 8pm timeslot.

The lifeguard with a logo on his trunks

Right. Lets not beat around the bush. This is quite frankly one of the worst pieces of TV presentation known to man. What were they thinking? A Tyne Tees logo on someone’s rear end? Come on!

Funnily enough this set of graphics were created in Leeds and Yorkshire branded versions used further down south.

Now a pair of buckets, that’s much more like it.

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Rachel Collins-Lister 6 December 2019 at 6:15 pm

Wearing a TTTV logo never goes out of style – EXCEPT if it’s on one’s bum.

Robert Clark 3 May 2020 at 1:13 pm

Why did they need the tyne tees logo on his rear end anyway? It was already in the top left hand corner!

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