Haldane Duncan

Haldane Duncan Part 11: The Cologne Diaries

1 March 2007

Haldane tackles German versions of well-known series

Haldane Duncan Part 10: Shirley on Sunday

1 February 2007

Haldane attempts to arrange an interview with Shirley MacLaine

Haldane Duncan Part 9: Chic Murray Remembered

19 October 2006

The most original Scottish comic

Haldane Duncan Part 8: The Audition

1 October 2006

Auditioning at the BBC and STV couldn’t be more different

Haldane Duncan Part 7: Scottish TV times

2 September 2006

Saving Scottish Television from certain ruin

Haldane Duncan Part 6: The Glendhu Factor – 2

31 March 2006

Haldane Duncan learns never, ever to mess with a bear

Haldane Duncan Part 5: Haldane’s Hogmanay

10 March 2006

It’s 1990, and Haldane is asked to revive STV’s flagging New Year show

Haldane Duncan Part 4: The Glendhu Factor – 1

1 March 2006

Haldane Duncan takes the high road to the soaps

Haldane Duncan Part 3: On the casebook

19 February 2006

Taking on Dr Finlay

Haldane Duncan Part 2: A life on the floor – 2

1 February 2006

Haldane continues the story of his early days in television

Haldane Duncan Part 1: A life on the floor – 1

1 January 2006

Director Haldane Duncan starts a distinguished television career

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