The good old days? 

11 August 2017

When browsing this website, you will inevitably come upon overt or dogwhistle racism, sexism and homophobia.

Our policy is to not censor history, so we leave words, sentences and even whole paragraphs in place when transcribing old documents, even if they make us shudder or fill us with revulsion.

Why? Because we can only learn how far we’ve come by seeing clearly where we came from. And this means some painful language will crop up from time to time.

We also don’t “unperson” people who have since fallen out of favour, no matter what their crimes or when they were committed. Yes, that means you will see certain DJs and presenters on this site, and the contemporary commentary next to their picture will, like as not, be flattering.

That’s how it was. Pretending otherwise doesn’t help in the fight against prejudice or abuse; rather, it buries it and makes it easier to normalise now. That can’t help anybody.

Please enjoy our articles, and when you come across something that feels a bit ‘off’ nowadays, remember how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.

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Liverpool, Monday 20 May 2024