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24 June 2020

Transdiffusion for researchersWhilst all of our sites offer rich pickings for people researching television and radio history, three are of particular interest to academics and students.

These three sites contain original, primary sources. Unlike many of our sites, these feature no commentary from our team of writers; they’re not fact-checked or edited. They’re just straight scans of internal paperwork and external (but intra-industry) publicity.

The sites are:

  • The Routine Sheets archives: more than 50 ‘routine sheets’ (listings, to the second, of what the company planned to put out that day including advertisements and special announcements), camera scripts and related documentation.
  • The Rediffusion archives: press releases, billing information, publicity material and internal documentation from Associated-Rediffusion (1955-1964) and Rediffusion, London (1964-1968).
  • The TWW/WWN archives: share certificates, press releases, rate cards and other documentation from Television Wales and West (TWW) and Wales (West and North) Television (WWN or Teledu Cymru) from the 1950s through to 1968.

You are very welcome to use this material as you see fit, although a credit back to Transdiffusion is a polite thank you gesture.

The Transdiffusion Broadcasting System is a not-for-profit historical society run entirely by volunteers. Therefore, we’re sorry but we cannot do your research for you: we haven’t the manpower, especially for free. We also cannot help you obtain programmes or clips, for that reason and also because the clip you want is very unlikely to still exist.

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