1992 Ident 

2 February 2004 tbs.pm/3421

Tyne Tees ident from 1992

The first Tyne Tees ident to be made by an external company (bar the ITV generic ident) was introduced in 1992 as part of a major branding exercise at the station which also covered news and weather output.

The re-branding also saw the end to the old connected TTTV logo which was abandoned after 22 years. Tyne Tees was not the only company to ditch it’s old identity at this time, with HTV saying goodbye to it’s old aerial logo at a similar time.

It’s replacement was more chunky, with a rather tacky looking, shiny effect. Hardly inspirational.

Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Group logo

The new logo also featured in the new Yorkshire-Tyne Tees group logo, which featured 12 almost subserviant TTTV logos circling the master Yorkshire Y. As a logo it gave no doubt as to who was firmly in control of the company.

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