Happy (first) birthday, Channel 4!

2 November 2022

A trade advertisement from ITV

Mae pobl ym mhob man yn paratoi ar gyfer golwg newydd ar Gymru

1 November 2022

Pre-launch print advertisements for S4C

HTV Wales speaks your kind of language

1 November 2022

HTV continues in English only

Twenty Questions

10 July 2022

Souvenir leaflet for a comedy panel game at the Dome in Brighton in 1961

London Calling… urgently

9 July 2022

“Hello, Fenella? I shan’t be able to get back for dinner. A sort of war’s broken out.”

ILR posters

8 July 2022

Capital Radio and 2CR advertise to you

Radio Nottingham news

13 June 2022

BBC Radio Nottingham poster from 1968

Who does what in ILR?

13 June 2022

A guide to Independent Local Radio in 1981

Electioneering by radio

28 May 2022

The Free Radio Association swings into action against Labour in 1970

Everybody needs a place to think

27 May 2022

A rough scan of the introductory booklet for the new BBC Four issued a few weeks before launch

The BBC: you make it what it is

25 May 2022

A 1996 leaflet extolling the virtues of our BBC

BBC VHF-FM transmitters in 1974

24 May 2022

Your cut-out n’ keep guide to tuning into the three BBC FM services – some now in stereo! – in the UK

BRMB 261 and 94.8 in STEREO!

11 May 2022

A poster advertising BRMB Radio in Birmingham in the 1970s

3 + 1 = 2050

11 May 2022

You’re not forced to watch BBC Three. But its existence is vital

Modern Wonder

10 May 2022

A 1938 diagram of a television studio caught our eye…

Do the lockdown mash

18 April 2022

Two years when everything changed: not least, the pictures got smaller

BBC Onen̷e̷s̷s̷

1 April 2022

So, farewell then, people stood about


31 March 2022

Happy birthday to the UK’s 5th channel

Remembering Jo Kendall

5 February 2022

Actor Jo Kendall has died

More for less

17 January 2022

The TV licence is back in the news

The Optimist

1 November 2021

A thought to be lost early Channel 4 comedy on DVD? Yes please!

Grampian at 60

30 September 2021

The diamond jubilee of the station from the very north

Auf Wiedersehen, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

31 August 2021

Production values have changed… for the better?

Croeso i S4C

3 August 2021

Do S4C have a copy of their own opening night? Some suggest they don’t. We do.

I’d like to teach the world to sing

21 June 2021

The Cardiff Singer of the World competition is something only our BBC could do

Gerry Marsden 1942–2021

3 January 2021

Gerry Marsden has died at 78

Necrolog 2020

31 December 2020

A reminder of those we’ve loved and lost this past year

Martin Lambie-Nairn 1945–2020

28 December 2020

Vale to the designer’s designer

One of us

21 December 2020

Tom Scott on title sequences

Neville Wanless 1931–2020

6 December 2020

Tyne Tees announcer dies at 89

One for the Christmas list

13 November 2020

Across the Waves: From Radio Caroline to Classic FM, by Nick Bailey

Five Things You Can’t Do On British Television

9 November 2020

A fascinating video from Tom Scott

A noiseless flash

14 October 2020

On this day in 1946, BBC radio began serialising one of the most devastating essays ever written

Hello again, old friend

29 July 2020

Network Distributing launch their streaming service with three nights of ABC Weekend TV

A clarification

10 July 2020

It’s as easy as ABC

Lockdown 6-pack II

25 April 2020

Six more articles to read to keep your mind alert during the lockdown

Mad world

19 April 2020

Think you know all about the “swirly” BBC-1 globe? Wrong.

Lockdown 6-pack

18 April 2020

Six articles to read to keep your mind alert during the lockdown

Zoom too

11 April 2020

Some fun backdrops for your online Zoom/Skype/Hangouts/Teams meetings

Election viewing and listening

9 December 2019

Gary Rodger tells us what to see and hear where on Thursday 12 December 2019 (and the day after)

Gay Byrne 1934–2019

7 November 2019

A personal retrospective of Ireland’s greatest broadcaster

New Star Trek: Picard trailer released

20 July 2019

Official trailer – with (spoilers) Data and Seven of Nine – shown at the San Diego Comic-Con tonight

ITN reaches for the stars

20 July 2019

More people chose to watch ITN’s coverage of the moon landings than the BBC’s.

Locally great, globally useless

27 February 2019

A decision has been made that makes Independent Local Radio less independent, less local and less good radio, says David Heathcote

Routine Sheet Database

30 November 2018

A new resource from Transdiffusion… but what now?

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