1979 Ident 

29 March 2006 tbs.pm/3490

Tyne Tees's ident from 1970

The technicians strike of 1979 hit most of ITV, and an emergency service was broadcast from London with nationwide continuity.

On Tyne Tees’s return on the 24 October 1979, it introduced what isundoubtably the most famous Tyne Tees animated ident – still fondly remembered to this day.

It’s image is engrained in the memories of millions of 1980s school children from across the country from it’s appearances before a number of schools programmes on ITV.

In an era before computers, it was a visually stunning corporate identity, resplendent with a rather modern (for the time) synthy sounding jingle – a sharp contrast to the rather pompous jingle of 1969.

Whilst the end-frame and colour scheme remained unchanged, the ‘COLOUR’ legend was dropped from the ident, although it continued to appear on production slides until 1984.

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