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8 March 2007 tbs.pm/3516

The Tyne Tees 2000 ident

Finally, after many years of waiting, we got a fantastic ident, and easily the best since the flowing rivers ident. Alas it was only used for regional programming and was rarely seen.

Despite the change in the TTTV logo, this was not updated on the generic ident – despite the fact that under a year later, the ident was edited to add a new ITV1 logo.

The 2000 ident (introduced 4 September 2000) came out of the same department who did the 1998 ident. Just shows what talented people can do if you let them get on with it.

As well as the main ident, a number of variations were also created.

Pre-formed Version

Plain version of the 2000 regional ident.

As well as the animated version, this plain, pre-formed ident was created, and ended up being used more often than the normal version. A subtle jingle bed played underneath as the announcer talks.

Pre-formed Version with Angel

Autumn 2000 regional ident.

As well as the plain pre-formed ident, a pre-formed ident with the Angel of the north on it was also used on occasions. However this was not very often.

Sport Version

Sport version of the 2000 regional ident.

As well as the main idents, another version of the 2000 regional ident were created. This version was created for use before sports programmes, and despite ending with the site of a football hitting a goal net, also features horse racing, rugby and snooker. The jingle was the same as the main version.

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