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Announcers’ Suite

Published 5 December 2022

The presentation control room and the announcers move from Ally Pally to Lime Grove

Filling the bill

Published 5 August 2022

Inside the Television Presentation department

Computers in TV presentation

Published 13 June 2022

Channel 4 have designed and built a computer to ensure split-second timing

five, four, three, two, one

Published 17 January 2022

Television: it’s all about timing and clocks

Open to suggestion

Published 26 April 2021

Settling into her new job on air at TWW, Maureen Staffer has some ideas for the presentation department.

Mad world

Published 19 April 2020

Think you know all about the “swirly” BBC-1 globe? Wrong.

Inside ABC’s last day

Published 28 July 2018

The ABC Midlands and North presentation schedule for 28 July 1968

Presenting the difference

Published 27 February 2018

⧉ How do you differentiate your two-day ITV company against a five-day behemoth?

The Continuity Announcer

Published 2 October 2017

TWW’s Bruce Lewis describes the preparation that goes into an evening of continuity announcing in 1966

Working in presentation

Published 20 June 2017

What jobs are available in television presentation in 1965?

In pieces

Published 5 October 2015

Channel 4’s new look examined

Dramatic, sinister and pretty

Published 30 July 2014

How the Daily Mirror saw the new logos of 1968 to be

TV’s most boring ident?

Published 20 August 2011

Tyne Tees? HTV? Who has the most boring ident of them all?

Happy (belated) birthday to the Broom Cupboard

Published 13 September 2010

For those children of the 80s the sight of Phillip Schofield in a cupboard will always be one that will hold a special place in our hearts. CBBC launched at 3:55 on 9 September 1985 and has been hanging around ever since.

Not over the moon

Published 30 April 2010

Last Saturday, viewers of Doctor Who on BBC One in England were abruptly treated to a caption promoting “Over the Rainbow” which appeared shortly before the end credits during the…

Pause for annoyance

Published 22 January 2009

As mentioned on the Digital Spy forum, this may have happened close to an ad break but is an example of the latest technique that’s now used by certain US…

It makes you wonder

Published 24 June 2008

Digital Spy: BBC phasing out quarter-size credits As somehow befitting a modern broadcaster, it’s taken a while but they got there in the end, namely that someone within the BBC…

Logos in Print

Published 1 May 2007

Not on screen

2000 Idents

Published 8 March 2007

Great look, too late

1999 ITV Generic Idents

Published 8 March 2007

TV from the heart?

Production Slides and Endcaps

Published 5 March 2007

Tyne Tees’s copyright cards

Continuity from Newcastle

Published 12 June 2006

Forty years of continuity

Assorted Presentation

Published 29 March 2006

Anything else

Promotions and Trailers

Published 29 March 2006

Promoting programmes

Studio 4

Published 29 March 2006

The continuity studio

1991 Ident

Published 29 March 2006

The post ITV era

1988 Ident

Published 29 March 2006

Computer animation arrives at TTTV

1979 Ident

Published 29 March 2006

Tyne Tees’s most famous ident

Starting The Day

Published 17 August 2005

The Tyne Tees way

Random Idents

Published 22 May 2004

Special idents used over the years

2002 ITV Generic Ident

Published 22 May 2004

Tyne Tees is no more

1998 Ident

Published 22 May 2004

Tyne Tees is back

Early Idents

Published 22 May 2004

Tyne Tees’s early idents

The Flash Files

Published 2 February 2004

Ident recreations

Moving to London

Published 2 February 2004

Tyne Tees’s presentation department moves south

On Screen Clocks

Published 2 February 2004

Tick tock

Channel 3 North East Ident

Published 2 February 2004

A big, giant 3

1992 Ident

Published 2 February 2004

Tyne Tees gets a new logo

1989 ITV Generic Ident

Published 2 February 2004

Tyne Tees goes corporate

1970 Ident

Published 2 February 2004

In Colour

Continuity Past – Leeds

Published 3 August 2003

Cost saving and centralisation in the north

Break Bumpers

Published 3 August 2003

The bits before the ads

A history of presentation

Published 1 January 2003

A woman’s view on a women’s world

The grammar of television

Published 1 January 2002

How presentation – and daily start-ups – provided the full stops and commas of TV

The ABC of ABC

Published 11 January 2001

Perfect branding – 1960s style

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