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2 February 2004

Providing good copies of idents on the web is not easy, and most are generally small video clips and not very good quality. However thanks to the sterling work of one man, there is another way.

The videos on this page are recreations of Tyne Tees idents, created in Flash format by Dave Jeffery. Dave has spent many hours ensuring that they are as accurate as possible, and such is the quality of his work, that it has appeared on the BBC website, and in documentaries. Along with Rory Clarke, Dave also helped create a brand new LWT startup sequence, which was broadcast in 2001.

1959 Ident

The North East has long been associated with the the sea, and of course the three rivers which flow through the region – the Tyne, the Tees and the Wear. Keeping in with that nautical theme, the ident features an anchor morphing into the TTT logo, accompanied by the appropriate ‘Blue Peter’ jingle.

1970 Ident

Tyne Tees’s first colour logo appeared in 1970 – mostly appearing static and silent, although this animated version was created and occasionally used.

1970s Clock

Introduced in the colour era, this clock has been faithfully recreated even down to the juddery second hand! The time shown is that on your computer.

Windows users can download a screensaver version of the clock by selecting the link above.

You can see more of Dave Jeffery’s work and download more screensavers at Andrew Wiseman’s 625 Television Room.

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