BBC at War

Antonia White looks at the BBC in 1939 and 1940

Broadcasting in Britain

A brief account of its engineering aspects

Bruce Forsyth


By-ways of the BBC

Exploring the BBC in 1938

David Heathcote

TBS editor David Heathcote tells the story of his life in and out of broadcasting

Freddy Grisewood

The story of the BBC at war


Granada's first year

Haldane Duncan


In the Public Interest

A six-part explanation of BBC policy in 1971

John Logie Baird

Baird's wife recalls life with her husband

Simon Dee


The Future of Television

Keith Waterhouse of the Daily Mirror's Spotlight on the Future of Television published in 1958

The old BBC

A history of the BBC from 1930

The Robert Fraser Lectures

The the first Director-General of the Independent Television Authority on how to make television special

Time in Broadcasting

The measurement and transmission of time signals by the BBC

Tyne Tees

ITV in the North East: 1959-2002

Thank Your Lucky Stars!

24 March 2023

The background to the innovative ABC pop show of the 1960s

Japan’s Eight Years of Broadcasting

10 March 2023

Radio is sweeping Japan, with 1.4m registered listeners

Permissiveness, Violence and the Producer

24 February 2023

Where does the responsibility lie for presenting violent or permissive material to a wide audience in the home environment?

Land-Lines for Broadcasting in Germany

10 February 2023

A detailed technical explanation of how Germany’s landline networking is monitored and supervised

Technical operations

27 January 2023

The technical side to getting television to your home… and to the transmitter

New European Wavelengths Plan

15 January 2023

An in-depth look at the Lucerne Plan for radio wavelengths in Europe in 1933

Europe’s Biggest Film Makers

4 November 2022

BBCtv uses more feet of film each year than Hollywood

Going Places

7 October 2022

The roving eye of the television camera can get anywhere these days, bringing sport and pageantry directly to your home

The New Pattern of Sound Broadcasting

30 September 2022

After 10 years, the BBC’s radio networks have started to drift. Here’s how they’re going to be put back on track

The ITA so far

22 September 2022

You probably can’t get the newly launched commercial television yet, but here’s how it works

How the new look will change ITV

22 September 2022

The franchise results are in. What will this mean for ITV in the 1980s?

A to Z of a Play

29 July 2022

The story of a live TV play from script to screen

Ocean Sound and me

15 July 2022

Tony Harding remembers the establishment of Ocean Sound

Champagne Breakfast

1 July 2022

The BBC’s new programme Breakfast Time has launched and the staff newspaper is full of praise

When Noddy and Twizzle met Lew Grade and a High Definition Television System…

24 June 2022

A look at the pre-history of Gerry Anderson and puppets on television

The BBC Television Centre

17 June 2022

A look around the BBC Television Centre as the first studio programme goes out and a party is thrown

On Conducting the BBC Symphony Orchestra

3 June 2022

  I HAVE been asked to set down some thoughts on conducting the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and I am happy and willing to do so since it allows listeners to…

Shock at the BBC

20 May 2022

Lord Hill is suddenly moved from the ITA to the BBC – to the horror of the staff at Broadcasting House

Ten Years of Technical Progress

6 May 2022

Looking back at the first ten years of technical developments at the BBC

Television in the Rhineland

22 April 2022

RCA tells the story of Westdeutscher Rundfunk

The Story of ANNOUNCERS and ANNOUNCING over Thirty Years

4 March 2022

Photographs and short biographies of fifty BBC announcers and news-readers

Welcome to the exciting world of ONdigital

18 February 2022

Welcome to the future and your new ONdigital digibox

Magic of Eight-Nation Television

4 February 2022

A personal recollection of organising a most ambitious television link-up

Welcome to the NEW Region…

21 January 2022

Television comes to the Midlands in 1949 and here’s all you need to know about the new Sutton Coldfield transmitter


7 January 2022

The future is here: television across the Atlantic thanks to a satellite

The White City site

10 December 2021

The BBC’s Civil Engineer describes how the new Television Centre in London’s Shepherd’s Bush will look

Behind the news

26 November 2021

Behind the scenes as the news gets to Television House and from there to your home

Announcing Ray Moore

12 November 2021

Ray Moore gets a job at Granada, and at Tyne Tees, parlays that into a job at ATV and then makes the jump to the BBC

A New Vision

2 November 2021

Leslie Mitchell remembers the run-up to the launch of the BBC Television Service

Breakfast with Anna

15 October 2021

The new ITV contracts are announced, to mixed reviews from the Daily Mirror

Rebroadcasting and exchange broadcasting

1 October 2021

How to get your allies to listen to you

The Story of Independent TV

22 September 2021

Behind the scenes of that new ‘Independent Television’ you’ve heard so much about

Listening with the Forces

3 September 2021

Unusual audience research as the BBC goes direct to the forces in France to ask them what they’d like to hear on the radio

BBC-2 opens

20 August 2021

It’s (almost) here! Get ready for the launch of BBC-2

A year of decisions

6 August 2021

The BBC looks back at a momentous year for technology and broadcasting

Pops and pirates

23 July 2021

Granada’s World in Action looks at the victims of the off-shore radio boom: the recording artists who drove it

American broadcasting

9 July 2021

The BBC takes a rather sniffy view of developments in radio in the United States

Tuning-in to… Grampian

14 May 2021

Grampian is almost here! Find out how to tune in, what to watch and who’s behind the new programmes

The deep marks that Ed Murrow left

2 April 2021

The man who invented radio and television journalism as we know it

Goodbye to Savoy Hill

19 March 2021

As the BBC gets ready to move from Savoy Hill to Broadcasting House in 1932, the staff look back at the old headquarters

Into the fifth year

5 March 2021

It’s 1960 and Granada and ABC look back at the last 4 years on air and what’s coming for ITV

Project Telstar: Communications Experiment

29 January 2021

A detailed, technical exploration of the Telstar satellite from 1962

Now Welsh ITV

14 January 2021

It’s launch day for TWW in 1958

Continental television stations

23 December 2020

A look at how television facilities have developed across Europe in 1967

How can they get out of the MESS?

18 December 2020

The last-ditch effort to prevent commercial television from being born

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