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29 March 2006

A collection of other aspects of Tyne Tees’s presentation

Tyne Tees Fantasy

Between Christmas and New Year in 1999, North East Tonight ran this promotional film celebrating 40 years of regional news provision by Tyne Tees. This epic production shows clips of all the major stories, played with Tyne Tees Fantasy, a medley of North East folk songs which Tyne Tees used as its startup music until the mid 1980s. It ends with a number of idents used throughout the life of Tyne Tees.

Public Service Announcement

Public Service announcement titles form up, still 1 Public Service announcement titles form up, still 2 Public Service announcement titles form up, still 3

A Tyne Tees Public Service Announcement from 1985 provides details of Phone-Aid North Tyneside.

Community Link

Community Link's caption

Community Link is the Tyne Tees programme highlighting organisations in the community, usually charitable. This example, sponsored by (now defunct) railway company Northern Spirit is from 1999.

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