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29 March 2006 tbs.pm/3502

Tyne Tees Colour ident from 1991

With limited support for the ITV generic logo from other companies, its fate was sealed. Whilst Tyne Tees used it longer than many of its contemporaries, it was finally axed in 1991.

Its influence lived on, and Tyne Tees’s next ident was similar in style, with video shots mixed in so that they appeared to be reflected onto various rotating columns. Towards the end of the animation, the camera angle would change, moving so that you were looking at the scene from above, revealing that the various columns were in fact a 3D version of the TTTV logo. The ITV jingle also remained.

If the ident was let down by anything, it was let down by the blue/red/green lighting effect applied to the final frames of the Tyne Tees logo – ironically about 10 years behind in terms of ident design in the UK.

Caption for 'Flashback'

A standard promotions slide was created to go with the ident – the stripes no doubt supposed to be linking in with the pillars in the ident.

Johnathan Morrell introduces the next programme in 1991

Unfortunately the matching continuity studio backdrop was even less desirable.

Ident from January 1992

Nine months later in January 1992 the ident was slightly tweaked, with the end frame made more colourful and the former italic station name was also straightened out.

The revised ident in 1992

And then in May 1992 the ident was changed again – the final scenes now changed to a bluey-grey backdrop rather than the red, blue and green combination. Again the rest of the animation was exactly the same. The text also returned to italics.

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