Stewart White brings Central Television on the air in 1982 for schools programmes

Television comes to the Midlands

Television arrives in the Midlands in 1949

I.T.V. in the Midlands opened

ATV comes to the Midlands in 1956, with the Birmingham Post waiting to welcome them

East-West relations

The problems of serving a dual region in 1986


TV Wizardry – In and Out of the Studios

New technology sweeps ITV, with ENG, computer editing and ½-inch tape at the fore

Sky TV blasts off with a ‘bubbly’ start

One of Sky TV’s many launches

ITV in 1988: Channel

Inside Channel Television in 1988

Motor-Car Radio

A new invention is making its way from the US: radios for the car. But can they ever work?

ITV in 1988: Central

Inside Central Independent Television in 1988

Extension of Independent Local Radio

The next round of ILR stations has been approved

ITV in 1988: Border

Inside Border Television in 1988

A Producer’s Panics

Anthony Craxton recalls a few OBs he’d rather forget

ITV in 1988: Anglia

Inside Anglia Television in 1988

Technical operations

The technical side to getting television to your home… and to the transmitter

New European Wavelengths Plan

An in-depth look at the Lucerne Plan for radio wavelengths in Europe in 1933

Broadcasting in Britain: New Dimensions in Broadcasting – Colour and Stereophony

Part six of a brief technical history of broadcasting in Britain


40 years ago…

BBC income and expenditure 1959-1960

The BBC tell staff where the money came from and went in 1959-60

BBC Breakfast Time

40 years ago…

Happy New Year!

…from Transdiffusion. Oh, and from BBC Scotland in 2000

Christmas with Fusion

The ghosts of Christmases past: 10 covers from Christmas editions of Fusion, the Rediffusion staff newsletter

Oh! those awful earbashing programmes

Talk shows: aren’tcha sick of ’em? asks Milton Shulman

Crossroads 3000

Our microsite celebrating 3000 episodes of ATV’s Crossroads

Ready, Steady, Go runs into imaginative paralysis

Kids these days, growls Milton Shulman as he refuses to give them their ball back

Behind the Screens with some of TV’s more familiar faces

The people behind your favourite programmes – and the people in front of them

What will the ad spots be like?

TV Mirror in 1955 looks at how this new television advertising thing will work

In a TV year That Never Was these were my worst programmes

Milton Shulman picks his way through the viewing offerings of 1965

240, 405, 625, 1080… GO!

Geoff Nash tries to explain 2023’s TV technology to a 1936 viewer

3 + 1 = 2050

You’re not forced to watch BBC Three. But its existence is vital

Do the lockdown mash

Two years when everything changed: not least, the pictures got smaller

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