The Television Act 1954 didn't create ITV – the genius of Sir Kenneth Clark did that

Why is TV still rationed?

The TVTimes in 1965 wonders why there are only 50 hours a week of TV programmes

Not open all hours

Why were broadcasting hours capped until the 1970s?

TV, the child, and the critic

A report wonders if children's television is good for 1959's children


The Authority’s Stations: South and South-East England

ITV transmitters in 1962: Southern region

Hazell joins the ranks of TV’s private eyes

Thames Television’s new detective show gives TVTimes a reason to look at TV detectives in general

The Authority’s Stations: South Wales and West of England

ITV transmitters in 1962: west of England and south of Wales

German radio exhibition fire

A serious setback for Nazi television plans goes unreported by Nazi radio

The Authority’s Stations: Central Scotland

ITV transmitters in 1962: lowland Scotland

The ITV giant

An interview with Lord Aylestone of the IBA discusses ITV-2 and breakfast TV

The Authority’s Stations: The North

ITV transmitters in 1962: Northern region

Distance No Object

The trials of getting television pictures from far away outside broadcasts back to the studio


The experiments are over: it’s time to put Eurovision to work

T.V. Plans

What’s coming up for television and radio beyond 1957?

Twenty millions put the B.B.C. in the dock

Is the BBC fit for the hard work of covering the Coronation? And does it cost too much?

The Coronation broadcasts

The BBC looks back at the Coronation earlier in 1937

World Service – It’s not just for night owls!

With the coming of BBC Radio 5, UK listeners are encouraged to tune into the World Service for the first time

DevonAir schedule

1980s guide to what’s on DevonAir in Exeter and Torbay

Seven star days each week!

From the department of making the most of a bad job

Coronation radio sets

Print advertisements for two radio sets that the discerning listener of 1937 may care to purchase

From Carlisle to Blackpool

A letter from the manager of BBC Radio Carlisle in 1973

First day cover

A 1972 set of 4 stamps celebrating 50 years of the BBC

Ten years of ITV schools

Our microsite on the first ten years of ITV schools

RTV man’s I-view of KYW-TV3

A researcher at Rediffusion is seconded to America

The day we lost the Big Red Book

A star of TV’s longest running soap nearly didn’t make it to the screen when he was singled out as a ‘This Is Your Life’ subject. Producer MALCOLM MORRIS explains

Secrets of ‘Life’ – The ones who got away

In 700 programmes, ‘This Is Your Life’ has usually got its man – or woman. But there have been near-misses and some who got away. In the first of a two-part exclusive, producer MALCOLM MORRIS reveals all

Leicester woman (70) kisses ITV announcer – at Birmingham studio

The Leicester Illustrated Chronicle takes a viewer to meet John Edmunds

What does the future hold for archive television?

As demand for more and more content grows, archive TV is getting harder to find

Vale John Edmunds

The much-loved announcer and newsreader has died aged 94

Crossing the line

A lack of training is leading to a lack of production quality, says W. Stephen Gilbert

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