The 1945 BBC Yearbook looks back at a quiet success of the war: Music While You Work

The BBC since 1958

Sir Hugh Carleton Greene's valedictory message to the BBC and the audience after he was pushed out as Director-General in late 1968

A year of colour

David Attenborough looks back at a year of BBC-2 in colour

The day television caught fire

The big event that brought television into the lives of the masses


Those extra TV buttons could mean less choice

Bill Cotton, recently promoted to head up the BBC’s future multichannels policy, on what he’s expecting by the year 2000

BBC North East and Cumbria

It’s all go when you Look North at England’s most northerly region

The Weather

Getting the symbols to stick to the map is only the last stage of forecasting the weather on the BBC

Children in Need

A look back at Children in Need 1982

From a novelty to part of the British way of life

The chairman of the BBC looks back at 60 years of broadcasting

Pictures from 60 BBC years

The BBC celebrates 60 years with a round-up of important dates and photographs

An unrivalled reputation for speaking the truth

A run-through of the history of the BBC World Service

When the President Broadcasts

Behind the scenes of an FDR fireside chat

Focus on the future

Never mind how or what we’ll be watching in the year 2000: it’s time for TV to ditch cliché and resist Americanisation

Broadcasting in Britain: The Formative Years

Part one of a brief technical history of broadcasting in Britain

Europe’s Biggest Film Makers

BBCtv uses more feet of film each year than Hollywood

Time in Broadcasting: The BBC measurement and technical receiving station at Tatsfield

Part three of a series on how time is measured and broadcast by the BBC

Reg Dixon

Meet farmer and variety star Reg Dixon

AFN Europe program schedule 7-13 May 1967

Tune into the American Forces Network in Germany

Joan Turner

Meet comedienne Joan Turner

Target: Production Efficiency

Rediffusion’s programme board means business

AFN Europe program schedule 23-29 April 1967

Tune into the American Forces Network in Germany

Joan Regan

Meet Irish singer Joan Regan

Happy (first) birthday, Channel 4!

A trade advertisement from ITV

Mae pobl ym mhob man yn paratoi ar gyfer golwg newydd ar Gymru

Pre-launch print advertisements for S4C

HTV Wales speaks your kind of language

HTV continues in English only

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
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