Get ready for ITV in this interview from 1989 with the designers of the new look

How the new look will change ITV

The franchise results are in. What will this mean for ITV in the 1980s?

Technical operations: the ITV network

The not-so-simple process of getting the output of the cameras to your TV screen in 1967

A rationalised ITV structure

The Daily Telegraph has a plan for ITV in 1971: tear it up and start again. It's nonsense and we'll tell you why


For Hatch it all started in church

It all began when a prayer book whizzed passed Tony Hatch’s head

How time flies by for the night owls

As Morning News goes network, David Cass’s piece on the night service definitely won’t send you to sleep

‘Uncle Red’ would like a hit pop

The Rediffusion announcer ‘writes’ music by humming it into a microphone

Who invented television?

An expert answers the question which many people ask as they watch their TV screen

Front men – what are they really like?

Two men whose faces are well known in the north

Jon Pertwee – Warts and all

The 70-year-old actor talks to TVTimes about the character he has lived and loves

You will see more on TV screen

The size of your TV picture is changing, but there’s no reason to worry

Television in Britain

Gerald Beadle of the BBC explains developments in British television to a New York audience

Q and A on colour TV

When is it coming into service? How much will a set cost? Will it mean the end of black and white?

Double eye for the dual region

What we could have won: ATV’s application for the Midlands ITV contract in 1980

BBC Radio Lincolnshire

From the 1980s, how to tune in to BBC Radio Lincolnshire

BBC Radio Leeds

From the 1980s, how to tune in to BBC Radio Leeds

BBC Radio Lancashire

From the 1980s, how to tune in to BBC Radio Lancashire

BBC Radio Furness

From the 1980s, how to tune in to BBC Radio Furness

BBC Radio Cumbria

From the 1980s, how to tune in to BBC Radio Cumbria

BBC Radio Foyle

From the 1980s, how to tune in to BBC Radio Foyle

Rediffusion: the first ten years

Celebrating ten year of the London weekday ITV company in 1965

LSO – The Music Men

Rediffusion London goes behind the scenes of the London Symphony Orchestra in 1965


Rediffusion, the ABC, the CBC and WNET/Group W get together to make documentaries about our world

Broadcasting in the West

Our microsite goes inside the BBC Home Service Western region

The time has come to smother Crossroads

Why doesn’t anyone listen to TV critics, asks splenetic TV critic Milton Shulman

Music in the night

Inside Radio Luxembourg in 1965

A change of programmes

The death of the backbone of ITV

Don’t stop this book

An ‘on this day in history’ book about pop? Great. A meticulously researched and thus accurate for once ‘on this day in history’ book about pop? Yes please!

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