How can you get the IBA to build you an ILR station in 1979?

BRMB in 1979

Take a look at BRMB in Birmingham

Radio City in 1979

Take a look at Radio City in Liverpool

Metro Radio in 1979

Take a look at Metro Radio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Recording the records

A history of BBC Local Radio music logging

In tune with Channel 4

The Channel 4 main transmitter network is complete, but there’s more to do

‘He’s Dead Funny Sometimes’

Meet the man whose laidback style belies his nose for hard news

Computers in TV production

Grampian have invested in a modern set-up to bring their programmes and presentation into the 1980s

The original radiophone

Before the BBC, there was the Electrophone

How the world was circled by a band of steel

The 50th anniversary of the BBC Empire Service is marked by a look at how it was established

Computers in TV presentation

Channel 4 have designed and built a computer to ensure split-second timing

BBC Transcription Service

Behind the scenes of a vital but barely known part of the External Services

Celebrity hosts

All manner of people turn up at Central TV in Birmingham in order to link the children’s programmes

Champagne Breakfast

The BBC’s new programme Breakfast Time has launched and the staff newspaper is full of praise

When Noddy and Twizzle met Lew Grade and a High Definition Television System…

A look at the pre-history of Gerry Anderson and puppets on television

The BBC Television Centre

A look around the BBC Television Centre as the first studio programme goes out and a party is thrown

All these talk programmes – they’re getting worse

Milton Shulman rages over the quality of TV chat

Expo 58

A gallery of publicity and posters for the Brussels Expo 1958

Is this the root of the trouble with Tonight?

Milton Shulman, splenetic TV critic, looks at what’s wrong with the BBC’s flagship news show Tonight

‘I’m getting three years is hard’

Top producer Brian Tesler shortly goes over to Associated TeleVision from the BBC with one of the most tempting contracts ever offered in this country

Facts and figures about British Railways 1959

British Railways takes us through the facts about the network in 1959

Facts and figures about British Railways 1958

British Railways takes us through the facts about the network in 1958

Radio Nottingham news

BBC Radio Nottingham poster from 1968

Who does what in ILR?

A guide to Independent Local Radio in 1981

Electioneering by radio

The Free Radio Association swings into action against Labour in 1970

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
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