A look at the offshore stations around the UK at their peak in 1966

Boarders repelled – says Caroline

Radio Caroline's first brush with the law a little over a month after it launched

Kenny the kidder

Probably the greatest maker of radio Britain ever created... especially when the devil got into him

Introducing Radio Caroline

The most famous 'pirate' radio station introduces itself in 1964


Roof Top Aerials Are Not Necessary

After councils ban aerials on their housing stock, a word to the wise in 1955

Technology at Mercia

Behind the desks at the new Mercia Sound

Out of Coventry

Mercia Sound is on the air!

Some new faces in view

Harlech is here at last!

Plymouth Sound: radio on camera

A selection of behind-the-scenes photographs of the Plymouth ILR station

A small amount of sharing goes a long way

Programme sharing across ILR

A scoop for TVS news

TVS opens its new news studio in Reading in 1986

‘We’re good and getting better’

As ILR turns 10 years old, its father gives his views on his baby

Candid Cameo: Leslie Mitchell

The voice that has to be seen to be believed

Poste Parisien

A 1935 look at the studios and transmitter of the first French private radio station

We are about to entertain you

Prolonging the anticipation before the programmes begin

University Radio York

Now officially licensed and broadcasting on AM, what is the future for URY in 1969?

Spotlight 1971: Channel

About Channel Television and the Channel Islands’ transmitter

Spotlight 1971: Tyne Tees

About Tyne Tees Television and the North East England’s transmitters

Spotlight 1971: Anglia

About Anglia Television and the East of England’s transmitters

Spotlight 1971: Yorkshire

About Yorkshire Television and the Yorkshire region’s transmitters

Westward publicity photographs

Four images from Westward in 1978

Please leave the Minstrels their cork

TV critic Milton Shulman defends The Black and White Minstrels. Yes, it reads exactly as you think it’s going to.

Designer: John Clements

A Rediffusion production designer on how to design for production

The (too) easy laugh that kills so many TV comedy shows

Leslie Crowther vehicle “The Reluctant Romeo” is not as good as Steptoe, says Milton Shulman

They Say… Peter Black

Frank comment on Associated-Rediffusion from an outsider

This is Granada

Our new huge subsite devoted to Granada, serving the North on weekdays 1956-1968

The Optimist returns…

Finally available for everybody to view after years forgotten in a lock-up, a quirky Channel 4 sitcom comes to Rewind TV

In Parenthesis

Where Music Echoes and Terror Resonates: BBC Radio 3 Unleashes the Unspeakable

All boxed in

Endless form-filling and eye-watering charges for a few seconds of Westward Diary are burying a valuable national resource

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