CHANNEL TELEVISION AT 60 • The closest we got to local community TV

Down-Channel economics

CHANNEL TELEVISION AT 60 • In 1970, the Daily Telegraph asks if Channel Television can survive

Channel 62

CHANNEL TELEVISION AT 60 • Channel Television starts the day in 1962

Favourite Channel

CHANNEL TELEVISION AT 60 • Channel Television starts the day in 1974... in black and white


Radio Berlin International

What’s on and how to tune into East Germany’s international service in the 1960s

BBC Radio Nottingham

Your guide to BBC Radio Nottingham in 1970

The Empire Short-Wave Service

The BBC’s chief engineer talks shortwave listeners through the best aerials and automatic volume controls for hearing the BBC Empire Service

Tuning in with the winners

Elkan Allan looks at what convinced the IBA to pick TVS, TSW and TV-am

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill on the BBC

Behind the scenes photographs of the BBC’s biggest OB

Germany prepares for the Olympic Games

Germany is busy setting up telephone circuits and radio relays for their two Olympic Games

The Queen

Backstage at Windsor for the Queen’s Christmas Message

My Coronation Commentary

Richard Dimbleby explains his BBC Television Service commentary to the Sunday Dispatch in June 1953

Westminster Hall, 12 February 1952

Richard Dimbleby’s commentary on the Lying-in-State of King George VI in 1952

The New Pattern of Sound Broadcasting

After 10 years, the BBC’s radio networks have started to drift. Here’s how they’re going to be put back on track

The ITA so far

You probably can’t get the newly launched commercial television yet, but here’s how it works

How the new look will change ITV

The franchise results are in. What will this mean for ITV in the 1980s?

Decadent and trashy – Is this YOUR view of Riviera Police

There’s only one thing worse than the thighs and boobs in Rediffusion’s Riviera Police – and that’s when there aren’t any, writes Milton Shulman

Avis Scott

Meet BBCtv announcer Avis Scott

The State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill on Independent Television

A pictorial guide to the funeral of the former prime minister, from the people behind ‘Fusion’, the house magazine of Rediffusion London

Hail the B.B.C. – It’s the most prolific comedy factory in the world

Milton Shulman prefers BBC comedy to ITV comedy… sometimes

Channel TV at 60

A new subsite with archives from Channel Television

Some of the things Burke (of Burke’s Law) can teach Sherlock Holmes

Milton Shulman compares Sherlock Homes, Public Eye and Burke’s Law

Twenty Questions

Souvenir leaflet for a comedy panel game at the Dome in Brighton in 1961

London Calling… urgently

“Hello, Fenella? I shan’t be able to get back for dinner. A sort of war’s broken out.”

ILR posters

Capital Radio and 2CR advertise to you

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