LISTEN! Television starts the day with our playlist of almost 100 specially selected start-up tunes


LISTEN! LBC knows where the news is and how to get it to you


LISTEN! Our BBC, your jingles and theme tunes


LISTEN! An audio tour around the USA across the decades


Television on a stamp

Rediffusion’s house magazine goes looking for TV-themed postage stamps

The fall and rise of TV-am

As TV-am finally overtakes BBC Breakfast Time, the TVTimes takes a look back at the tumultuous first 3 years

And now… The Flying Camera

You’re about to see the world from a very unusual angle: straight down!

Newsgirls who don’t envy Anna

Anna Ford has become famous at ITN. But what about the other ‘girls’ at your local ITV station?

10 great years for you, for TVTimes and for the stars of ITV

TVTimes celebrates 10 years as a national magazine

Faces of Joanna… avenger with a secret

ATV’s new science fiction show could scare children… and that’s the plan

William the Conqueror

The producer who became a quiz show host

Your voice as others hear it

There was a time when nobody had ever heard their own voice. This machine could change all that

Regional News Programmes

Three different ways of doing news for three different ITV regions

Second Birthday

ITV is two years old today. The managing directors celebrate, as does Associated-Rediffusion

How television works

This new ‘television’ idea is getting popular, but how does it work?

All set for Saturday..?

Scottish Television will be starting soon. Are you ready?

Close and Trueman

Sportstime Special on YTV

Grampian T.V.

Opening night September 30th 1961

This Autumn, Granada will be televising Parliament

‘First Among Equals’ comes to ITV

Who goes to Bermuda?

An exciting weekend on ABC in 1957

“Sauce for the Gander”

Mary Malcolm defends British Housewives in a special advertising magazine on ITV

In Nine Months TV Transforms Wembley Studios

Switching Wembley from film to television ready for the launch of ITV

These are among the TV shows I call toothless and vapid

Peyton Place, Dick Van Dyke, Perry Mason, The Munsters, Bonanza and Dr. Kildare don’t suit Milton Shulman


Lord Grade on Associated Communications Corporation’s 1981 results


Lord Grade on Associated Communications Corporation’s 1980 results


Lord Grade on Associated Communications Corporation’s 1979 results

Clash bash crash

A new taller mast at Emley Moor was too little too late.

Sentimental tech

Geoff Nash takes out the trash

Michael Parkinson (1935-2023)

Interviewer, presenter and journalist Michael Parkinson has died

A member of the Transdiffusion Broadcasting System
Liverpool, Wednesday 4 October 2023