A look at the offshore stations around the UK at their peak in 1966

Boarders repelled – says Caroline

Radio Caroline's first brush with the law a little over a month after it launched

Kenny the kidder

Probably the greatest maker of radio Britain ever created... especially when the devil got into him

Introducing Radio Caroline

The most famous 'pirate' radio station introduces itself in 1964


Call for new ITV network

It’s time for ITV in the North to declare independence – and for TV to have a whole new set of transmitters

Blackout wrecks BBC-2 first night

The aftermath of the launch that didn’t happen

BBC-2 press review

Five regional newspapers cover the (not quite) launch of BBC-2

Tonight’s BBC-2… in 1964

A look at what wasn’t on BBC-2 on Monday 20 April 1964

How to come up with the ideal jingle package

The thoughts and plans behind perfect station branding

The Future of Sound Broadcasting

The BBC’s Director-General explains the changes in radio to staff in 1957

Byddai Reith yn falch o rhain

The franchise-winning application CBC made to the IBA for the Cardiff ILR contract

Frost philosophy: Don’t waste time

With TV-am six months away, the Press and Journal sits down with leading light David Frost

Roger quit city desk to join pop pirates

Meet Roger Day of Swinging Radio England

German Television

Paul Fox, who died aged 98 this week, looks at how television in West Germany is thriving in 1969

Saving ITV

Will the forthcoming collapse of LWT bring down the whole of ITV? Does the ITA or the government even care?

Broadcasting House, Glasgow

In depth into the equipment installed in the BBC’s new Broadcasting House in Glasgow in 1938

Thames Television comes to Kent!

Discover all you need to know about your local ITV station!

See what’s on television tomorrow

Are you ready for Network 2?

It’s your life… and this is your television

Don’t miss these ABC “emphasis on youth” programmes

It’s all on Aire

Welcome to Radio Aire in 1981

BBC Radio Sheffield

From the 1980s, how to tune in to BBC Radio Sheffield

BBC Radio Devon

From the 1980s, how to tune in to BBC Radio Devon

They Say… Kenneth Bailey

Frank comment on Associated-Rediffusion from an outsider

My vision in stone

Sunday’s Communion service, from Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, will be ITV’s most ambitious church broadcast yet

Wood Green Studio

Have a peep around ATV’s London studio in 1958

Sound Sensation Scotland

Take a trip behind the scenes of offshore Radio Scotland in 1967 in our new microsite

This is Hallamland

Radio Hallam in Sheffield is 50 this year. To celebrate, we’ve made their first anniversary commemorative booklet into a website for you

Auditions – the ‘telescope’ that finds new stars

ABC goes hunting for the next big names in entertainment in 1957

In Parenthesis

Where Music Echoes and Terror Resonates: BBC Radio 3 Unleashes the Unspeakable

All boxed in

Endless form-filling and eye-watering charges for a few seconds of Westward Diary are burying a valuable national resource

A change of programmes

The death of the backbone of ITV

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