In 1975, Anglia takes a peek behind the scenes of their local news magazine

It’s funny how careful an announcer must be

Meet David Geary, Anglia's new newsreader in 1973

Making the weather

Anglia's Michael Hunt explains how the weather is made in 1975

Tonight’s Anglia TV… in 1966

A look at what was on Anglia Television on Wednesday 7 December 1966


Hereward awakes

Independent Local Radio has arrived in Peterborough

Tyne Tees merge with Yorkshire TV

A shock announcement from Leeds and Newcastle

Looking in on Panorama

Panorama presenter Max Robertson takes us round his Lime Grove studio

‘Invaders’ take fort in war of pop pirates

Radio Essex and Radio City get into a fight in 1965

Audience wanted: how to get the locals listening

Five stations on their different approaches to promotion

Good news from Dundee

Things are changing at Grampian now the unions have agreed to electronic news gathering

Tuning into a West Coast robot sound

Piccadilly Radio’s Dave Willis on a world where cartridges replace records and presenters spend 20 minutes recording a 12-hour show

Will the penny drop?

Pay-TV, films, and a barking plan to neuter the BBC

Bachelor Baker

He’s the quiet, soft spoken young man who’s adding personality to the BBC news

Inauguration of German Television

A speech given at the opening of the German television service in 1935

Saving the BBC

Will ‘Broadcasting in the Seventies’ be enough to save the BBC… from itself, asks Stuart Hood in 1969

New BBC Studios at Maida Vale

The long-awaited expansion of Maida Vale opens in 1935

Spotlight 1971: Border

About Border Television and the Borders and Isle of Man’s transmitters

Spotlight 1971: ATV Network

About ATV and the Midlands’ transmitters

Spotlight 1971: Westward

About Westward Television and South-West England’s transmitters

Spotlight 1971: Granada

About Granada Television and the Lancashire region’s transmitters

Spotlight 1971: HTV

About HTV and the Wales and West regions’ transmitters

Spotlight 1971: London

About Thames and London Weekend Television and the London region’s transmitters

Prizes for playwrights, contracts for players

ABC’s competition for top talent in the theatre

The General Election

David Butler tells Radio Times readers what to look for in tonight’s election results in 1964

They Say… August 1959

The critics and the public weigh in on Associated-Rediffusion

They Say… April 1959

The critics and the public weigh in on Associated-Rediffusion

They Say… L Marsland Gander

Frank comment on Associated-Rediffusion from an outsider

They Say… Maurice Wiggin

Frank comment on Associated-Rediffusion from an outsider

Election 2024 on TV and radio

Gary Rodger brings us full details of what to watch, when and where across television and radio after you’ve voted on 4 July 2024

The Optimist returns…

Finally available for everybody to view after years forgotten in a lock-up, a quirky Channel 4 sitcom comes to Rewind TV

In Parenthesis

Where Music Echoes and Terror Resonates: BBC Radio 3 Unleashes the Unspeakable

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