How can you get the IBA to build you an ILR station in 1979?

BRMB in 1979

Take a look at BRMB in Birmingham

Radio City in 1979

Take a look at Radio City in Liverpool

Metro Radio in 1979

Take a look at Metro Radio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne


BBC transmitters in 1965/6

BBC Technical Information maps of VHF and MW transmitters

Find a face for the Caroline Fink

Enter this fabulous Radio Caroline competition (closing date: 1966)

The Programmes, the people and the machines

A day with Peterborough’s Hereward Radio

I’m always being asked…

The most common things that go wrong with your television set – and how to fix them

Filling the bill

Inside the Television Presentation department

So you want to get a video recorder..?

The head of BBC home video offers his advice to those about to get their first VCR

Windward Islands Broadcasting Service

The BBC helps set up a new broadcaster… in the middle of a hurricane

Demonstration of Colour Television to Members of Parliament

The BBC tests NTSC colour on 405-lines for the benefit of MPs

Treasure Hunt – an adventure entertainment

Even harder than it looks: the technological challenge of Channel 4’s Treasure Hunt

Providing a comprehensive BBC service for the whole nation

In the Public Interest 1/6: Charles Curran on the BBC’s costs

A to Z of a Play

The story of a live TV play from script to screen

Ocean Sound and me

Tony Harding remembers the establishment of Ocean Sound

What a pity Mr. Jonathan Miller should lose his nerve

Milton Shulman vents his spleen at arts programming in general and Jonathan Miller in particular

A very remarkable man

Remembering Captain Thomas Marcus Brownrigg OBE, CBE, DSO, RN (Rtd), IDC

Just for a change why doesn’t Panorama etc get out of the rut?

TV critic Milton Shulman turns his withering eye on current affairs programming

Opportunity Knocks for Brenda Marsh

The paperwork behind bringing one person on to Opportunity Knocks

All these talk programmes – they’re getting worse

Milton Shulman rages over the quality of TV chat

Expo 58

A gallery of publicity and posters for the Brussels Expo 1958

Twenty Questions

Souvenir leaflet for a comedy panel game at the Dome in Brighton in 1961

London Calling… urgently

“Hello, Fenella? I shan’t be able to get back for dinner. A sort of war’s broken out.”

ILR posters

Capital Radio and 2CR advertise to you

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