I shall say goodnight till it be morrow

27 September 2018

The end came for the BBC Two 2s last night

Shaun O’Riordan 1927-2018

24 September 2018

One of the longest-serving ATV directors has died

✎ Made in Yorkshire

4 April 2018

A Kickstarter campaign is launched to fund a documentary about YTV

✎ Sir Ken Dodd 1927-2018

12 March 2018

Looking back at the life of Liverpool funnyman Ken Dodd

✎ Sit down, Nigel Barton

25 February 2018

Dirty Feed has a great examination of the changes between the script and the production of 1965 Dennis Potter’s ‘Stand Up, Nigel Barton’ play

✎ Puppets and muppets

14 February 2018

Take a trip to Wolverhampton for a feast of childhood delight

✎ Coffee in Quay Street

8 February 2018

Some television historians walk into a bar…

Televising Wales and the West

14 January 2018

Celebrating 60 years of ITV in South Wales and the West

✎ Stockport Plaza

5 October 2017

A place you must visit

✎ Bruce Forsyth 1928-2017

18 August 2017

Goodbye to one of the most talented entertainers the UK has ever produced

✎ Everybody out!

4 August 2017

Listen to a great podcast about ITV strikes…

✎ BBC Annual Plan 2017/2018

4 July 2017

What’s new for the BBC in the next year?

✎ Virtual DXing

2 July 2017

Twiddle your knob online with this LW/MW/SW live website

✎ Brian Cant 1933-2017

19 June 2017

The saddest of sad news

✎ Trade

12 June 2017

A YouTube channel of IBA engineering announcements

✎ Peter Sallis 1921-2017

5 June 2017

Actor Peter Sallis has died

✎ The Impossible Feat inside Your VCR

2 June 2017

How video tape recording worked

✎ Election schedule

31 May 2017

Election coverage guru Gary Rodger gives us a run down of what to tune into and where on election night

✎ Gone with Noakes

29 May 2017

Vale John Noakes


15 May 2017

Radio North Sea International was bombed in 1971

✎ World population explosion

17 April 2017

Congratulations to Transdiffusioners Jon and Kate Bufton

✎ Funny things that happen in television: the ebook

11 April 2017

John Mead’s fun account of a life behind the camera is now available as an ebook

✎ Brian Matthew 1928-2017 [UPDATED AGAIN]

5 April 2017

Disc jockey and presenter dies

✎ Transdiffusion joins ITV

1 April 2017

Exciting new developments today here at Transdiffusion

✎ Here’s what you missed

26 March 2017

Some pictures from the Transdiffusion Birmingham Soirée, held on 25 March 2017

✎ Cheaper than therapy

24 March 2017

A new book promises to bring the horror of growing up back into your life

✎ The annoyance of science

10 March 2017

Bradford is leaving the UK without a decent television museum

✎ Yeah, okay then, we’ll take that

1 March 2017

Following links back in your analytics software can be fun!

✎ 18 years of Queer as Folk

23 February 2017

The anniversary of a groundbreaking drama series

✎ I see you off to distant clouds

18 February 2017

The wrecking ball takes the last hint of Tyne Tees Television in Newcastle

✎ It’s time to give up

14 February 2017

…because you lost at Valentine’s Day

✎ Farewell Howard Philpott

5 February 2017

BBC Radio newsreader Howard Philpott has died

✎ Get down (get on up) get down (get on up)

14 January 2017

Some pure joy from 1979

✎ Transdiffusion’s Birmingham Soirée

9 January 2017

An informal meet-up for archive television and radio fans on 25 March 2017

✎ Jingle all the way

20 December 2016

The BBC-1 Christmas jingle from 1967

✎ Crushing your hopes at Christmas

19 December 2016

Sorry, no, it didn’t happen, no matter how much you wanted it to.

✎ Power cuts

25 November 2016

There’s a power cut in central London

✎ Le premier programme matinal en Europe

21 November 2016

French television looks on in amazement as les rosbifs interrupt breakfast by adding television

✎ Granada TV, Manchester 3

8 August 2016

A new microsite looking at Quay Street in 1966

✎ Sylvia Peters 1925-2016

28 July 2016

The Times newspaper today reports the death of Sylvia Peters, the BBC’s chief female announcer in the 1940s and 50s.

✎ World population explosion

18 June 2016

Some really good news in amongst this week’s misery.

✎ A word on Harlech notepaper

18 May 2016

A short videoblog about Harlech Television’s notepaper in 1969

✎ Grampian mystery

24 April 2016

Found on the end of a reel-to-reel tape…

✎ Victoria Wood 1953-2016

20 April 2016

The singer-actor-comedian-writer-producer has died aged 62

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