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4 April 2018 tbs.pm/66009

A group of (mostly) volunteers are working on a documentary to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch of Yorkshire Television.

Pre-production began last year, and the group – Chevron Films – are now seeking to crowdsource the finance to finish and distribute the programme, using the Kickstarter platform.

To drive donations, they’ve got a startlingly good set of rewards for higher-value backers, including a quick way to get the film on DVD (it’ll be touring on the big screen first, with luck).

So saying that, even a £10 donation would help – especially as they have a tight deadline of 30 April to reach their goal of a modest £7,500. If they don’t get funded, the pledges lapse and the film doesn’t get finished.

It’s certainly worth a look and perhaps taking a small punt on the project, which has similarities to the brilliant ATV documentaries from a few years back – From ATVLand in Colour and From Headlines to ‘Tightlines’ – The Story of ATV Today, both of which were of startlingly high quality.

Hat-tip: @nowtro

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