Electioneering by radio 

28 May 2022 tbs.pm/76192

Free Radio Association leaflet




As we write this, Radio Nordsee International is being jammed by the British Government “in the interests of Czechoslovakia”. So the Government has now sunk to such a depth that it will employ Communist methods in aid of a Communist occupation regime.

This Government has been determined to crush free enterprise radio by any method it thinks it can get away with. The trickery, the blatant lies, and now the jamming, betray an utter contempt for freedom and democracy.

FRA members are asking what they should do. Firstly, we must make sure every voter knows that Radio Nordsee International is being jammed. Tell everyone you talk to, and ask them to tell their friends. Invite them to tune to 244 metres and hear the jamming for themselves.

Secondly, spread Free Radio leaflets, car stickers and posters far and wide. Buy the FRA General Election Pack, and send for it straight away because the £1 charge [about £20 now, allowing for inflation – Ed] includes a contribution towards the cost of sending this sheet to all members.

The General Election Pack contains 50 leaflets (with as many different ones as possible), three Broadside car stickers (different slogans), two standard car stickers (different slogans), three dayglo car stickers (different colours), one standard poster, three dayglo posters (different colours) and two badges (different colours). Get the lot handed out or on display. If every member does this we shall flood the country and it won’t be possible to go far out of doors without seeing the words FREE RADIO. And also we shall be honouring a pledge we made two-and-a-half years ago. We said then: “Under the Marine Offences Act, the Free Radio Association is partially silenced. This is what the Government wanted. But the Government will never silence us completely. We shall fight until we win.”


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