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29 September 2017 tbs.pm/13944

David Hamilton presents Music Through Midnight on the last night of the BBC Light Programme on 29 September 1967.

A clip of Roger Moffatt closing down the BBC Light Programme for the last ever time.

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Paul Mason 4 October 2017 at 12:26 am

By the mid 1960s pop and beat music had exploded in Britain and USA but there was a strain of pop music that could hardly be described as “light entertainment” as psychedelia and more serious and meaningful lyrics than “moon, June,I love you etc etc” and the Light Programme had to cater for those whose musical tastes had been shaped in the 1920s to the 1950s. But the 1967 split was half hearted as Radios 1/and 2 still shared parts of the day, a situation which was not fully resolved for almost 1/4 century.Sharing on AM ceased in 1978 when the now Talksport frequencies were given to Radio 1 but evening reception was atrocious.
Then there was the need to understandably keep happy BBC musicians, which Mr Everett used to rail against , Beatles covers by the Northern Dance Orchestra such as the bizarre pseudo-Scottish working of “A Day In The Life”. Twas a difficult separation, and as the 1970s came ILR stations mushroomed without the needle time restrictions, challenging Radio 1 and killing Radio Luxembourg whose raison d’etre ceased by its 1991 closure.
Anyway its up to the whippersnappers what to make of Radio 1 as I ceased to listen after Andy Kershaw left.

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