Modern Wonder 

10 May 2022

We are deeply in love with this diagram, by “Beale” (probably Joan Beale), showing the full-size studio set up by the BBC at Radiolympia in 1938. It formed the cover of Modern Wonder magazine for 27 August 1938.


Cover of Modern Wonder



A BIRD’S-EYE view of the television studio that the B.B.C. have built at Radiolympia for this year’s radio exhibition.

Programmes will be radiated from this studio to receivers all over the exhibition where thousands of visitors will have the good fortune to witness television in progress, many of them for the first time.

Round the walls of the studio are the light men concentrating on their spotlights on the set on which televising is already in progress. There are three television cameras in the studio. On the left-hand side are the property men and scene shifters busily building another set from which the next scene will be shot.

In the centre foreground is the the position from which specially invited visitors will be televised, and just to the right of the first camera is the sound department.

All the way round the studio are long windows through which visitors will be able to watch the whole process of television. This is probably the first time television has been demonstrated to the public on such a large scale.


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