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Electioneering by radio

Published 28 May 2022

The Free Radio Association swings into action against Labour in 1970

Scandal FM

Published 18 February 2019

Ofcom plans to further deregulate Independent Local Radio. But are things already too lax? Come hear the tale of political corruption at an ILR station in 1994

They call themselves patriots

Published 31 July 2017

Is the voice of the radical right ruining America, asks TV Guide in 1967

Would TV in the house be… unfair to MPs?

Published 6 June 2017

Don’t let cameras in to the House of Commons, says Charles Curran MP in 1965

Save Elstree!

Published 17 October 2010

Roddy Buxton on the song and dance campaign to save ATV and Elstree studios

Don’t throw out the baby

Published 30 November 2008

Re-regulation mustn’t go too far

On Message

Published 15 April 2005

Politics, elections and the media

Bias Towards Action

Published 15 April 2005

Is it all our own fault?

Safe in their hands

Published 15 April 2005

Who will keep the BBC running?

BBC Under Fire – 80s Style

Published 1 April 2005

The events of last year were just the latest, says Glenn Aylett

Before Hutton

Published 1 December 2004

Patrick Delaney recalls the precedent of the Hutton Report


Published 1 January 2004

The true meaning of ‘bias’ revealed

A vote for ITV

Published 13 July 2003

Is the BBC red and ITV blue?


Published 1 January 2003

Legislating against good television

The end of the BBC

Published 1 January 2003

The Right’s view of a hotbed of Marxism

Conservatism against itself

Published 1 January 2003

Cultural contradiction in Thatcherism

Government by spin

Published 1 March 2002

Kirk Northrop reports on Michael Brunson’s views of spin

Celtic Times

Published 1 September 2001

Ian Beaumont wants media independence for the south west

Manifest commitments

Published 1 June 2001

Repeal the Broadcasting Act 1990, says Anthony Heathfield

Long fortnight

Published 1 June 2001

Russ J Graham reviews the 14-day rule and Suez

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