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5 August 2017 tbs.pm/13193

The Marine Broadcasting Offences Act made its way through the British parliament during 1966 and 1967, with a plan to make it illegal to supply or advertise on off-shore “pirate” radio stations. The Act came into force on 14 August 1967.

With that deadline ahead, the off-shore stations had to decide what to do in response. Wonderful Radio London decided to go out on the day itself. Radio Caroline decided to try to carry on with supplies and advertising sourced in Ireland and continental Europe. Radio 355, previously Britain Radio, decided to bow out early, leaving the stage on 5 August 1967.

Their final programme was a celebration of the station and the music they played, with management and DJs getting progressively more drunk as it went on.

Here, Director of Programmes Tony Windsor starts the two-hour final show:

An hour and forty minutes later, Silexine Paint provides the last ever advertisement, and 355 drifts towards its end at midnight with the national anthem.

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