Croeso i S4C 

3 August 2021

After 20+ years of only ever managing to sporadically upload anything from the 3,000+ VHS cassettes that have built up in our archives since about 1978, we’re recently launched a new project that gets other people to do the hard work for us.

And that project – Associated-Transdiffusion (geddit?) – is already producing some forgotten gems.

For instance, here’s some highlights of S4C’s first evening on air on 1 November 1982, minus the bits that YouTube’s overzealous ContentID system won’t allow (not even a few seconds of Superted in the original Welsh).


In association with Curious British Telly


We’ve got high hopes for this on-going project, based on just the first couple of days – stay tuned for more archive uploads.


A Transdiffusion Presentation

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