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“I think that any disc jockey must be friendly and not talk down to his audience”

Published 5 December 2023

so says popular DJ from ‘down under’ BARRY ALLDIS

A guide to BBC Radio in the 90s

Published 27 August 2023

Stickers to put on your radio, plus a guide to tuning in the new BBC Radio 5

Get set for radio changes…

Published 14 July 2023

BBC radio stations are moving. Here’s how to find them

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Published 26 December 2022

A comprehensive record of television and radio schedules during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral on Monday 19 September 2022

From a novelty to part of the British way of life

Published 14 November 2022

The chairman of the BBC looks back at 60 years of broadcasting

Pictures from 60 BBC years

Published 14 November 2022

The BBC celebrates 60 years with a round-up of important dates and photographs

Local radio, wavelengths and Radio 1

Published 16 September 2022

Giving the BBC’s wavelengths to commercial radio doesn’t create competition, it just makes a different monopoly, says Ian Trethowan

Providing a comprehensive BBC service for the whole nation

Published 12 August 2022

In the Public Interest 1/6: Charles Curran on the BBC’s costs

BBC VHF-FM transmitters in 1974

Published 24 May 2022

Your cut-out n’ keep guide to tuning into the three BBC FM services – some now in stereo! – in the UK

3 + 1 = 2050

Published 11 May 2022

You’re not forced to watch BBC Three. But its existence is vital

Radio on the move

Published 22 November 2021

It’s all change for BBC radio as the national networks move frequencies as part of a Europe-wide reorganisation

► Goodbye to the Light Programme

Published 29 September 2017

Music Through Midnight with David Hamilton sees the BBC Light Programme off into history

Radio 1 is Won-der-ful

Published 29 September 2017

Remembering Radio 1’s first morning

► Spotlight 1 and 2

Published 31 March 2017

Listen to Radio 1 and Radio 2’s introductory programme from the evening of 30 September 1967

► Beerling on jingles

Published 17 February 2017

From the late 1970s, BBC Radio 1’s ‘Mailbag’ interviews producer Johnny Beerling about the station’s use of jingles.

✎ #EverettDay

Published 3 April 2016

We just found something good deep in our archive.

Tonight’s BBC… in 1967

Published 28 October 2015

A look at what was on the BBC on Saturday 28 October 1967

Kenny the kidder

Published 3 September 2015

Probably the greatest maker of radio Britain ever created… especially when the devil got into him

The Swinging New Radio Service

Published 30 September 2014

Radio 1 swings on to the air

Seconds out

Published 12 April 2013

BLOG: Ding-dong the radio is censored

A Day In The Life… Sort Of

Published 16 January 2011

Radio 1’s oldest listener looks back on a life tuning in to the wireless.

Breaking the spell

Published 24 June 2010

Whilst waiting to discover its eventual fate, the BBC Trust has to at least appear ‘useful’ as a regulator of the BBC, therefore it’s no surprise to learn that the…

Extra marketing

Published 12 April 2010

If BBC management weren’t planning to close any radio stations, the repositioning of 1Xtra as a closer relation to Radio 1 would make sense from a marketing perspective because at…

Leave right now?

Published 23 March 2009

Chris Moyles reprimanded over ‘gay’ spoof lyrics to Will Young song The BBC has a problem. Indeed it has several problems, but a recurring theme in recent years seems to…

Have your say

Published 6 December 2008

BBC Trust: Survey of BBC services aimed at 13-34 year-olds If you have a spare moment or two today, the BBC Trust are actively seeking views from members of the…

Christmas has been cancelled

Published 29 October 2008

There’s no Christmas without TOTP Put away the tinsel and pack away the tree; Christmas 2008 has just been cancelled. And it’s not because the TV shopping channels insisted on…

Jumping the gun. Again

Published 22 May 2008

BBC should privatise Radios 1 and 2, says Richard Eyre Ex-commercial radio man wants BBC Radios 1 and 2 to be privatised, which is a rather strange assertion to make…

Mind boggling

Published 23 April 2008

Privatise Channel 4, says Big Brother mogul Want a lively debate combined with a whole host of potential contradictions? Then hire Peter Bazalgette as a guest speaker as what happened…

Revolution at the BBC

Published 3 October 2007

The birth of Radios 1-4

One, Two, Three, Four…

Published 3 October 2007

The coming of Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4

Radio’s tidal waves

Published 3 October 2007

Robin Carmody looks back on his Moment

Radio 1 memories

Published 3 October 2007

Roddy Buxton remembers

Past Radio 1

Published 3 October 2007

Recalling Radio 1

40 years of Radios 1-4

Published 3 October 2007

Mike Brown’s memories

Radio One at 40: an appraisal

Published 3 October 2007

Jonathan Bufton takes stock

Radio 1 – love it or loathe it

Published 3 October 2007

A love/hate relationship

A Musical Learning Curve

Published 3 October 2007

Radio One at 40

Radio recall

Published 3 October 2007

Growing up with Radios 1 & 2

Turbulent 1

Published 1 January 2004

Another revolution at Radio One

The cull of Radio 1

Published 1 December 2003

A revolution at BBC Radio One throws out the old and rings in the new – in public and painfully

Out of the Light 1

Published 29 November 2003

The changeover between the Light Programme and Radios 1 and 2 wasn’t easy

The quality and the width

Published 15 August 2001

What’s more important – more services or better sound?

BBC plans for Radio 247

Published 12 August 1966

The Daily Mail explains the BBC’s plans

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