Enter a Texan with two BIG pirate radios 

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Daily Mirror masthead

From the Daily Mirror for 21 April 1966

JACK NIXON, at five foot eight the skinniest Texan you’re likely to meet, flew into London this week with peace in his heart and an offering of goodwill to Postmaster-General Mr. Anthony Wedgwood Benn.

An unlikely combination of virtues in the circumstances.

Together with sixteen unnamed British, American and Canadian backers he is entering the pirate radio business.

He is floating two stations in one — Radio England and Britain Radio — beyond the three-mile limit off Harwich. He claimed they will cover the whole of England, 24 hours a day.

And with characteristic Texan understatement he promises that they will be “the biggest and bestest of them all.”


Olga Patricia



“We are agreeable to abide with whatever your Queen or Government decides about offshore stations,” he says respectfully.

“We have put over a million pounds [£15.6m in today’s money, allowing for inflation – Ed] in this project and we know we are taking a risk.”

In fact, this highly-organised project could turn out to be the ultimate in commercial radio services.

The transmitting ship, Olga Patricia, fitted out in Florida and insured by Lloyd’s, is air-conditioned and fully equipped to accommodate a crew of 10 and nine disc jockeys.

It will operate on a power of 55 kilowatts — five kilowatts stronger than any other pirate. Running costs will be around £1,000 [£15,600] a week.

The rest should be plain sailing.


Radio England (“Swinging Radio England ”) will provide round-the-clock pop music for teenagers.

Britain Radio (“The hallmark of quality listening”) playing romantic and light music for the middlebrow in-betweens.

Advertising will be restricted to 10 per cent of air-time.

Those mysterious backers?

Explains Nixon: “There are doctors, lawyers and professional men from all fields among them.

“For obvious reasons they want to remain anonymous.”


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