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19 June 2017

From ITV 1964, published by the Independent Television Authority in February 1964

Ever since the start of Independent Television, particular regard has been paid to the needs of children. Specially produced and selected programmes are transmitted daily, of a type considered suitable to the taste of young viewers. Children have not been slow to declare their preferences and their letters play an important part in guiding the planners of the programmes.

Whereas eight years ago most children came fresh to television and naturally found it a magnet of tremendous power, many of them now see it as just one more piece in the jigsaw of their environment. In this sense the novelty has gone for ever, though the magnet undoubtedly remains. There can, of course, be no assurance that a child’s experience of television is by way of the programmes specially designed for him, and it is for this reason that the Authority has developed its concept of family viewing at times when young children are most likely to be watching. Failing this assurance, it can only be hoped that the first television programmes to become intelligible to a child are those between 4.45 and 6 p.m. which are particularly designed for children.

Since older children’s tastes are infinitely more varied, and therefore more difficult to cater for in the time available, and the older children are undoubtedly looking at programmes other than those specially designed for them, children’s programmes on television now tend to be made to appeal to the younger child.

Most children like quizzes, put out on the network by Granada, and regionally by Anglia; they like magazine programmes which are on the whole informative, put out by Associated-Rediffusion, on the network, and regionally by Border Television, Scottish Television and Anglia Television; and they like light entertainment, naturally, when it includes pop music. But it would not be easy to pinpoint the actual age at which they tend to turn off, for instance, the serials specially made for them. When does a child throw down a book which, even a week ago, he would have found absorbing? This is one of the teasing problems in the making of fiction for children’s television. Nevertheless, the serials have been very good during recent months: Emerald Soup, from ABC Television, Sierra Nine and Smuggler’s Cove from Associated-Rediffusion, all accurately described as adventure serials, with children taking the major parts.

The regional companies have tended to provide rather more of their own children’s fare locally. The popular Happy Go Lucky in Tyne Tees has gone on; Southern Television has had a successful drama series, Let’s Make a Play, as well as a photography group; Anglia Television, in addition to its quiz programmes, has had a magazine club; and Westward Television has had a teenagers’ programme with the intriguing title Move Over, Dad.

The youngest children, however, come well into their own both on the network and regionally with the wide-eyed magic of the land of make-believe inhabited by puppets, animals and funny grown-ups, with which children’s programmes open at 4.45 p.m. These programmes have included The Rogies and Romper Room from Grampian, Playtime from Westward, Birthday Greetings from Channel and Border, Snip and Snap from ABC, and Small Time from Associated-Rediffusion.

FIREBALL XL5. A space adventure puppet series. [ATV]

Programme Description Company Mins. Time and day Area
Anniversary Birthdays BORDER 3 5.22 Mon.-Sat. from Oct. L.
Badger’s Bend Country life serial A-R 30 5.25 Tue. N.
Children’s Art Visit to national exhibition A-R 45 4.00 Thu., 5 Sept. L.
Criss Cross Quiz Quiz GRANADA 25 5.00 Thu. N.
Emerald Soup Adventure serial ABC 30 5.15 Sat. Nov.-Dec. N.
Fireball XL5 Puppet series ATV 30 4.40 Sun. to June N.
Five O’Clock Club Magazine programme A-R 25 5.00 Tue., Fri. N.
Handy Gang Comedy series A-R 25 5.00 Fri. May-July N.
Happy-Go-Lucky Entertainment TYNE TEES 30 5.25 Wed. P.
Holiday Music Light entertainment A-R 25 5.00 Fri. Aug.-Sept. N.
Junior Angle Club Children’s magazine ANGLIA 30 5.25 Fri. L.
Junior I Packed My Bag Quiz ANGLIA 30 5.25 Mon. until June L.
Junior Town Quiz Quiz ANGLIA 30 5.25 Wed. from Sept. L.
Let’s Make A Play Drama series SOUTHERN 30 5.25 Wed. from Nov. L.
Let’s See Magazine BORDER 15-25 5.40 Wed. to July L.
Many Happy Returns Birthdays BORDER 10 4.35 Sun. to Sept. L.
Move Over, Dad Teenagers’ programme WESTWARD 30 5.15 Sat. from Oct. L
On The Trail Nature study A-R 30 5.25 Tue. Sept. N.
Playtime For the very young WESTWARD 10 4.50 Mon.-Fri. from Sept. L.
Puffin’s Birthday Greetings Birthdays CHANNEL 5 4.40 Mon.-Fri. L.
The Rogies Puppet series GRAMPIAN 15 4.45 Wed., Fri. July-Sept. L.
The Romper Room Kindergarten GRAMPIAN 30 4.30 Tue.-Fri. from Oct. L.
Round-Up Magazine programme SCOTTISH 55 5.00 Tue. L.
Seeing Sport Sport instruction ATV 25 5.00 Mon. N.
Sierra Nine Adventure serial A-R 30 5.25 Tue. May-Aug. N.
Small Time For young children A-R 15 4.45 Mon.-Fri. P.
Smuggler’s Cove Adventure serial A-R 30 5.25 Tue. Aug.-Sept. N.
Snip And Snap Cartoon series ABC 15 5.15 Sat. Aug.-Sept. P.
So You Want To Be A Photographer Photography series SOUTHERN 15 5.40 Mon. to May L.
Space Patrol Puppet series ABC 30 4.00 Sun. Apr.-Sept. P.
Supercar Puppet series ATV 25 5.55 Sat. June-Sept. N.
The Tingha and Tucker Club Entertainment miscellany ATV 30 5.25 Mon. L.
Tuesday Rendezvous Magazine programme A-R 25 5.00 Tue. to Sept. N.
Vegetable Village For young children BORDER 15 4.45 Tue. 1 Oct. L.
Zoo Time Visits to the zoo GRANADA 25 5.00 Wed. N.

L. Local. P. Part Network. N. Network. Unless otherwise stated, the lists refer to 1963 and p.m.



SNIP AND SNAP. Jill Lawrence shows children how to make the paper sculpture characters seen in cartoons. [ABC]


SMUGGLER’S COVE. An adventure serial by Jean McConnell in the setting of Cornwall. [Associated-Rediffusion]

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