Five plays from Anglia 

7 August 2023


From Angles, the house magazine of Anglia Television, issue 6 from early 1963


The Kidnapping of Mary Smith

Eighteen out of twenty is Anglia’s record of Top Ten successes in the ‘Play of the Week’ series. The twenty-first production starred that incomparable actress Margaret Rutherford in ‘The Kidnapping of Mary Smith’. This was the story of a kind, elderly spinster who witnesses a bank raid and is carried off by the raiders because she can identify them. The spinster is, of course, Miss Rutherford.

Director George More O’Ferrall.


The Seventh Wave

Anglia’s next ‘Play of the Week’ will be transmitted on 11th June. A dramatic story of human conflicts aboard a small trawler, it’s called ‘The Seventh Wave’ and stars Patrick Wymark, Ann Bell and Anthony Booth.


The Simple Truth

Jean Hamilton and Peter Joy have both been hard at work producing for the next series of Thirty-Minute Theatre Productions. Renee Asherton, Tom Criddle and Edward de Souza star in Jean’s play ‘The Simple Truth’ which has been written by Caryl Doncaster from an idea by Robert Standish. Set in Gibraltar, the play shows what happens to a naval officer’s wife who feels that her marriage is a failure and her future is meaningless.


A Girl At The Office

Peter’s play ‘A Girl At The Office’ pinpoints people’s reactions to an office love affair.


Hero With A Past

June Howson’s play ‘Hero With A Past’ was transmitted on Friday, 1st March. Jeremy Burnham and Frances White were the stars.


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ALAN PEACHEY 8 August 2023 at 2:16 pm

This was back in the days when Anglia was a real TV company unlike today, just purely a news gathering organisation. Bring back the real Anglia, might actually get some decent drama again.

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