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We are about to entertain you

Published 10 May 2024

Prolonging the anticipation before the programmes begin

And now – star variety from ABC

Published 24 April 2024

And for the teenagers – skiffle king Lonnie Donegan

My vision in stone

Published 10 April 2024

Sunday’s Communion service, from Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral, will be ITV’s most ambitious church broadcast yet

It’s your life… and this is your television

Published 2 April 2024

Don’t miss these ABC “emphasis on youth” programmes

Auditions – the ‘telescope’ that finds new stars

Published 20 March 2024

ABC goes hunting for the next big names in entertainment in 1957

A change of programmes

Published 16 December 2023

The death of the backbone of ITV

ABC INVESTIGATES – with the gloves off

Published 8 December 2023

A new series aims to find out everything!

There’s so much behind that five-minute Epilogue

Published 10 November 2023

Meet Rev Eric Geddes, presenter of ABC’s epilogue

ABC Weekday TV

Published 27 October 2023

Memory, all alone in the mmmm-mmmm, something something memories of the mmmm-mmmmm-mmmm

Second Birthday

Published 22 September 2023

ITV is two years old today. The managing directors celebrate, as does Associated-Rediffusion

Who goes to Bermuda?

Published 19 September 2023

An exciting weekend on ABC in 1957

Holidays at home with ABC Television

Published 8 August 2023

Watch to watch on ABC if you’re not going away for a summer holiday

Another chance to see… regional ITV

Published 21 July 2023

What’s on ITV tonight? There was once over a dozen answers to this question

Another chance to see… the time

Published 7 July 2023

If I could turn back time, we’d rock around the clock

Both Sides of the Camera

Published 5 July 2023

Our microsite goes behind the scenes of ABC Weekend TV

Unanimous decision

Published 4 July 2023

EMI cameras chosen for Teddington in 1962!

T.V. Plans

Published 2 June 2023

What’s coming up for television and radio beyond 1957?

Vale John Edmunds

Published 17 May 2023

The much-loved announcer and newsreader has died aged 94

The easy-chair election

Published 4 May 2023

How Granada and ABC will be handling the 1959 general election

Thank Your Lucky Stars!

Published 24 March 2023

The background to the innovative ABC pop show of the 1960s

Sir Philip Gives ABPC’s TV Plans and Policy

Published 22 March 2023

The chairman of the Associated British Picture Corporation on his plans for the new ABC Weekend in 1955

The Human Jungle

Published 1 January 2023

The press pack for a new drama series on ABC Weekend: The Human Jungle

Opportunity Knocks for Brenda Marsh

Published 13 July 2022

The paperwork behind bringing one person on to Opportunity Knocks

INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: Present and Future Policy on Development

Published 14 February 2022

A gallop through how ITV got to opening day and what’s next for the new network

Newsflash TV man is returning to theatre

Published 3 January 2022

John Edmunds hangs up his newsreader’s tie and gets ready to tread the boards – or not

The future of television: What next?

Published 26 December 2021

Part Five: Keith Waterhouse of the Daily Mirror looks into the future of British television

The future of television: Who owns television?

Published 25 December 2021

Part Three: Keith Waterhouse of the Daily Mirror looks into the future of British television

Announcing Ray Moore

Published 12 November 2021

Ray Moore gets a job at Granada, and at Tyne Tees, parlays that into a job at ATV and then makes the jump to the BBC

Beatles big TV scoop!

Published 29 September 2021

The Beatles are back in the UK in 1964… and back on ABC’s Big Night Out!

ITV: the Programmes and the Companies

Published 27 September 2021

The ITA gives us a quick look at how ITV is organised in 1966

Both sides of the camera

Published 24 September 2021

Inside ABC Weekend Television in Didsbury, Aston and Teddington in 1960

In association with…

Published 7 June 2021

Competition or cooperation? In May 1956 it’s still not clear which will be ITV’s main thrust

To the North

Published 10 May 2021

A twisty tale of how to get two- and three-way networking established for ITV in the 1950s

Into the fifth year

Published 5 March 2021

It’s 1960 and Granada and ABC look back at the last 4 years on air and what’s coming for ITV

ITV puts its announcers in the picture

Published 13 January 2021

A change in policy at A-R and ATV as they bring their announcers into view

The Year in Commercial Television

Published 7 December 2020

1958 approaches… has the corner turned for ITV?

18 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Published 26 November 2020

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Saturday in 1964

12 January 1964 on ABC Weekend TV

Published 19 November 2020

Over on our revamped Zenith site, a deep dive into a typical ABC Sunday in 1964

JOHN EDMUNDS tells you: What it is like to be A TELEVISION ANNOUNCER

Published 5 November 2020

How does an ABC announcer cope with the fans, the long hours and… toothache?

The franchise affair

Published 23 October 2020

300 possible applicants for the 1968 ITV contracts… and the Midlands is the one they all want

ITV dopes the public

Published 14 September 2020

The charge today is: ITV dopes the public… according to the Daily Herald in 1958

The Avengers

Published 10 September 2020

We’ve lost Dame Diana Rigg, best known to us as Mrs Peel in ABC’s The Avengers. Patrick Macnee and Ian Hendry tell the story of the series in our special website from 1976

Hello again, old friend

Published 29 July 2020

Network Distributing launch their streaming service with three nights of ABC Weekend TV

A clarification

Published 10 July 2020

It’s as easy as ABC

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