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Spotlight 1971: Granada

Published 18 June 2024

About Granada Television and the Lancashire region’s transmitters

Spotlight 1971: HTV

Published 11 June 2024

About HTV and the Wales and West regions’ transmitters

Britain’s experiment with Commercial TV

Published 10 June 2024

An American broadcaster looks on in wonder at the development of ITV

Spotlight 1971: London

Published 4 June 2024

About Thames and London Weekend Television and the London region’s transmitters

Spotlight 1971: Channel

Published 28 May 2024

About Channel Television and the Channel Islands’ transmitter

Spotlight 1971: Anglia

Published 14 May 2024

About Anglia Television and the East of England’s transmitters

Spotlight 1971: Yorkshire

Published 7 May 2024

About Yorkshire Television and the Yorkshire region’s transmitters

Saving ITV

Published 29 March 2024

Will the forthcoming collapse of LWT bring down the whole of ITV? Does the ITA or the government even care?

ITV in 1959

Published 6 December 2023

Our microsite goes inside Independent Television in 1959

Clash bash crash

Published 15 September 2023

A new taller mast at Emley Moor was too little too late.

The Authority’s Stations: West and North Wales

Published 3 August 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: north and west Wales

The Authority’s Stations: Channel Islands

Published 27 July 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Herm

Another chance to see… regional ITV

Published 21 July 2023

What’s on ITV tonight? There was once over a dozen answers to this question

The Authority’s Stations: North-East Scotland

Published 20 July 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: northern Scotland

The Authority’s Stations: The Borders

Published 13 July 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: for the England/Scotland border

The Authority’s Stations: South-West England

Published 6 July 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: the west country

The Authority’s Stations: Northern Ireland

Published 29 June 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: Strabane and Black Mountain

The Authority’s Stations: East Anglia

Published 22 June 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: Eastern England

The Authority’s Stations: North-East England

Published 15 June 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: Northeastern England

The Authority’s Stations: South Wales and West of England

Published 1 June 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: west of England and south of Wales

The Authority’s Stations: Central Scotland

Published 25 May 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: lowland Scotland

The Authority’s Stations: The North

Published 18 May 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: Northern region

The Authority’s Stations: The Midlands

Published 11 May 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: Midlands region

The Authority’s Stations: London

Published 5 May 2023

ITV transmitters in 1962: London region

The Authority’s Stations: introduction

Published 5 May 2023

The first part of a weekly series on the ITV transmitters in 1962

Granada goes to Rochdale

Published 7 April 2023

How a by-election in Lancashire made all elections TV elections

The Authority’s Plans for Channel Four

Published 2 November 2022

Inside the 20-year battle for a fourth channel

All up to the advertisers

Published 29 August 2022

The government has announced it plans to start commercial radio in the UK

Shock at the BBC

Published 20 May 2022

Lord Hill is suddenly moved from the ITA to the BBC – to the horror of the staff at Broadcasting House

INDEPENDENT TELEVISION: Present and Future Policy on Development

Published 14 February 2022

A gallop through how ITV got to opening day and what’s next for the new network

The future of television: Their ideas

Published 28 December 2021

Part Ten: Keith Waterhouse of the Daily Mirror looks into the future of British television

The future of television: The I.T.A.

Published 26 December 2021

Part Six: Keith Waterhouse of the Daily Mirror looks into the future of British television

The ITA transmitter network

Published 5 November 2021

Comparative maps of VHF and UHF coverage from the Independent Television Authority

No Damage So Far, But We Must Learn to Live with Commercial Television

Published 25 October 2021

ITV is here. Will it kill the cinema?

ITV: the Programmes and the Companies

Published 27 September 2021

The ITA gives us a quick look at how ITV is organised in 1966

The Story of Independent TV

Published 22 September 2021

Behind the scenes of that new ‘Independent Television’ you’ve heard so much about

A Shared Medium

Published 13 September 2021

It’s time for a fourth channel in the UK. But no more than that, please

Tuning-in to… Grampian

Published 14 May 2021

Grampian is almost here! Find out how to tune in, what to watch and who’s behind the new programmes

Slick – that is the new TV

Published 12 April 2021

It’s launch day for ITV in London, but there’s a fire in the stables in Ambridge…

How can they get out of the MESS?

Published 18 December 2020

The last-ditch effort to prevent commercial television from being born

Ship’s siren may be call sign for TTT

Published 30 September 2020

Big promises from Tyne Tees Television in 1958 as they get ready to launch

Commercial radio on way – 60 stations to be opened

Published 28 September 2020

The government gives the go-ahead for Independent Local Radio in 1971

Yes, commercial T.V. is here

Published 22 September 2020

Commercial television launches in London tonight – but how will that affect the people of Banbury?

Technical operations: the ITV network

Published 14 August 2020

The not-so-simple process of getting the output of the cameras to your TV screen in 1967

The fall of Teledu Cymru

Published 12 August 2020

The ITA reports on their biggest failure to date: the fall of Wales (West and North) Television in 1964

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