Your cue for laughs with the famous

25 March 2024

A new idea in satire from Central

From the Daleks to Carole

25 November 2023

Perhaps the first time this question was ever asked?

Paul, punk and Sir Michael keep the South Bank bursting…

16 November 2023

The South Bank Show has been a surprising hit for London Weekend

Faces of Joanna… avenger with a secret

18 September 2023

ATV’s new science fiction show could scare children… and that’s the plan

Five plays from Anglia

7 August 2023

Success on the network for Anglia’s line of single dramas

Hazell joins the ranks of TV’s private eyes

5 June 2023

Thames Television’s new detective show gives TVTimes a reason to look at TV detectives in general

Meet the Groves

3 April 2023

The creator of BBCtv’s first soap opera talks about writing the new show

The Changing Face of Downing Street

5 September 2022

Yorkshire Television peers through the revolving door of 10 Downing Street

Treasure Hunt – an adventure entertainment

18 July 2022

Even harder than it looks: the technological challenge of Channel 4’s Treasure Hunt

The ghost of Christmas programmes past

24 December 2021

A look back at three-channel Christmas television

I won’t say no to Dr. Who

30 November 2020

Episode 2 of a new serial of adventures in time and space goes out tonight and Dennis Potter is looking forward to it

Television’s most famous street

10 August 2020

A trip behind the scenes of the frantic treadmill involved in producing two episodes a week of ‘Coronation Street’ in 1979

Programme preview for Wales and West

10 June 2019

TWW’s programme controller provides a rundown of forthcoming ITV programmes to the South Wales Argus in 1961

Can TV’s ‘lost weekend’ be brought to life?

13 May 2019

The leading television critics from the broadsheet newspapers gather in July 1968 to discuss what ITV should look like on weekends when the contracts change

Keeping them Wide Awake

15 October 2018

Inside TV-am’s popular children’s magazine show, the Wide Awake Club, in 1988

Yorkshire Television presents…

29 July 2018

Programmes coming this week in July 1968 from all of the New ITV that you can see on Yorkshire

Ideas galore

22 March 2018

Pay a visit to A-R’s Here and Now in 1963 to learn about diving, dancing and diamonds

The Magical World of the Andersons

17 October 2017

A quick profile of Gerry Anderson and the Thunderbirds from 1966

Light Entertainment 1970

5 September 2017

A look back at your favourite ITV light entertainment shows from 1970

A Look-in guide to your TV favourites

25 July 2017

Look-in picks the top 16 stars of 1971 and provides some fantastic facts about all of them

Barmy? Brilliant? Batman!

27 June 2017

The TVTimes introduces a new, batty action series in 1966

CITV 1963

19 June 2017

A look at what children were watching on ITV in 1963

Youth in television drama

13 June 2017

Who are Britain’s up-and-coming young actors in 1963? The ATV Television Show Book finds out

Alias… The Saint!

23 May 2017

Republished following the death of Sir Roger Moore at the age of 89: Impeccable suits, beautiful women, fast cars, exotic locales – meet Simon Templar

‘Saint’ behind the camera

23 May 2017

Republished following the death of Sir Roger Moore at the age of 89: Look Westward interviews him on his plans to direct films in 1964

New Directions

23 May 2017

How Central changed ATV’s drama output

Sapphire and Steel appeal

16 May 2017

Look-in magazine talks to Joanna Lumley about her exciting new ATV series ‘Sapphire and Steel’ in 1979

Life is what they make it…

10 April 2017

Behind the scenes of This Is Your Life in 1972

Do we still love Lucy?

6 April 2017

Retro television is back in fashion… if it ever went out

The Stones in Hyde Park

2 March 2017

The story of Granada’s ambitious 1969 colour special

Six acts that made opportunity knock

27 February 2017

A look back, from 1971, at six acts discovered by Hughie Green and his team

Ready, Steady, Go! The New Year starts here

31 December 2016

Are you planning your Ready, Steady, Go! New Year’s Eve 1964 party?

The longest-running 13-week serial in the world

9 December 2016

HV Kershaw looks back at Coronation Street’s beginnings in 1960 from the comfort of 1976

How television talks are produced

31 October 2016

Grace Wyndham Goldie explains the chaos that is making a television talk

These are the Plane Makers

13 October 2016

A look behind the scenes at ATV’s ‘The Plane Makers’ in 1963

Goodbye Crossroads

4 April 2016

After 4,510 episodes, Crossroads comes to an end in 1988 with a TVTimes souvenir pull-out.

Seen and Heard

24 February 2016

Redvers Kyle explains his new experimental schools programme in 1963

Cartoon characters

22 February 2016

How television mined the cinema for vaudeville acts

The Immaculate Avengers

17 February 2016

The TVTimes looks into the fashions of The Avengers in 1963

Coz I eats me spinach

23 February 2015

A history of the ever-present schedule filler cartoon

Cathy Come Home

29 December 2014

A play that briefly changed society

The Bill stops here

11 October 2010

Andrew Bowden notices it’s very strange to be living in Sun Hill

Somebody’s Watching Me

9 September 2010

Chase McPherson on ten years of living under Big Brother’s gaze

Back to the Late Shift

23 January 2010

NBC hasn’t learned its lesson not to alienate its viewers… or its talent.

Thirty Years of Grange Hill – Part III

25 April 2009

Popularity and hard hitting plots.

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