Thirty Years of Grange Hill – Part II

30 November 2008

The series is here to stay

Thirty Years of Grange Hill – Part I

26 October 2008

School’s out forever

Rise and fall of a comedy king

11 February 2008

Benny Hill and the winds of change in TV comedy

Cinema for television

8 January 2008

From ITC to Euston…

What The Papers Say: 50 years

30 April 2006

Granada is 50: we profile their longest-running programme

What The Papers Say: The People

29 April 2006

50 years of presenters & readers

Riding Through the Glen

22 February 2006

David Brockman tells the story of ITV’s earliest hit series


1 February 2006

The London Television Consortium had a hard lesson to learn

Making the Break

1 December 2005

Philip Stevens on making early ITV commercials

The Jazz625 Story

5 October 2005

Director Terry Henebery talks to Louis Barfe

No Strings Attached

3 September 2005

The magic of Supermarionettes

From Small Time to big time

3 September 2005

Children’s programming always had a real home on ITV

Death of a Princess

2 July 2005

David Brockman on the controversy 25 years on

Strange Magic – 1

1 May 2005

Russ J Graham follows science fiction on TV – part 1

Strange Magic – 2

1 May 2005

Russ J Graham follows science fiction on TV – part 2

Suds or substance?

1 December 2004

David Hastings tracks the rise of the docusoap

Small Time – The Complete History

1 January 2004

Definitive children’s programming

Small Time – The List

1 January 2004

The full list of Small Time programmes

For better or worse

30 August 2003

Perhaps television, on balance, was always awful, ponders Glenn Aylett

Everything I know

17 July 2003

…was taught to me by Blue Peter, says Russ J Graham

Southerner station

2 July 2003

David Brockman remembers the station that served…

Poetry in motion

14 March 2003

David Brockman on poetry replacing presentation

The Big Three

1 January 2003

David Brockman looks into a new genre from Anglia

Wrong-footed Four

1 January 2003

Carl Ellis on sci-fi and fantasy programmes on Channel Four

New horizons

1 January 2003

Carl Ellis on how satellite (nearly) always treats imports better

About Britain

1 January 2003

David Brockman on regional contributions of the ITV network

TV Asylum

1 January 2003

Carl Ellis looks into the world of import and export

Daytime Hours

1 January 2002

Andrew Hesford-Booth watches television during the day

Sharp Set

1 January 2002

Andrew Hesford-Booth on presentation comedy programmes

Black and White Lives

1 January 2001

David Brockman remembers monochrome

The Crossroads Option

1 January 2001

Kif Bowden-Smith on the workings of an optional network

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