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24 February 2016

From the TVTimes Northern edition for 3-9 November 1963.

Seen and Heard - Redvers KyleA friend of mine has a copy of a Victorian advertisement for a school for Young Gentlemen in Brighton, conducted by the Misses Young and Hoggins. Part of it reads: “Laundress and a seat in church… £5 5s per annum. Each pupil is requested to bring six towels and a silver fork.”

The Misses Young and Hoggins’s attitude is typical of the snobbishness and hypocrisy which once surrounded education.

Today, it is run on much fairer lines. The young are seen and heard.

They express their feelings and opinions about personal and world problems in countless schools all over the country.

Outside, youth clubs and recreational centres are doing a necessary job, too.

All of us concerned with ITV programmes for schools are enthusiastic about our part in this exciting time in English education.

The aim is to assist the teacher by providing a practical background to classroom work.

Story Box – the series I introduce – is a typical example of how we are trying to stimulate and excite the all-too-eager imagination of the eight to 10-year-olds.

Programmes about books, other lands, iron ore, matches – and something new: two programmes in poetry.

One you may have seen already. The second (poems about town and country) will be shown today (Wednesday).

We are trying to show that poetry and the spoken word are exciting – and that good verse as much a part of the world as transport, sanitation or the school cricket match.

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