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The regions on the network

Published 14 August 2023

HTV’s programme controller on why we should see more from the smaller ITV companies

1964 and all that

Published 6 September 2018

A personal look back at 1964 from David Heathcote

Southern Success

Published 30 October 2017

⧉ Spend some time examining Southern’s successful first year on air with our new microsite

CITV 1963

Published 19 June 2017

A look at what children were watching on ITV in 1963

Tonight’s TV… in 1966

Published 30 December 2014

A look at what was on television on 30 December 1966

Stirred but not shaken

Published 28 December 2014

The Observer in 1980 has an exclusive on what would happen in the next franchise round

Tonight’s Southern TV… in 1968

Published 18 August 2014

What was on Southern on Sunday 18 August 1968

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