This shouldn’t be done

15 February 2011

Apologies in advance to regular Media Blog readers for sounding like a stuck record here, but this sort of thing really shouldn’t be done at all. I’m talking here about…

Missing believed wiped

8 February 2011

— Not for publication until further notice — And you thought that the days of the BBC junking its supposedly ‘unwanted’ output instead of preserving it in some form –…

Last night of the Proms

31 January 2011

At first glance, the axing of the BBC’s Electric Proms may superficially seem regrettable but perhaps understandable from a financial perspective given that major cuts have to be made. But…

A pragmatic stance?

25 January 2011

There will no doubt be a lot of people looking at Jeremy Hunt today and drawing a lot of negative conclusions.

Sky low

25 January 2011

I’m no particular fan of this present government. I’m hardly unique in this, but I’m still finding it hard to accept that we appear to have got both the furthest-to-the-right…

More to do, less to see

24 January 2011

So the BBC has finally revealed a list of its online services for trimming or closure in order to meet its 25% budget cut, which broadly correlates with a similar…

Age concern

11 January 2011

Just like other long-established media sectors such as the music industry, television seems to have its own set of unwritten rules in terms of how people are handled within its…

We’d like you to meet some of the people at public television

6 January 2011

Television companies are quite keen on showing you who their stars are be it Channel 4 getting people to tap on glass, or Thames showing what we’d miss as it headed off in to history

Necrolog 2010

31 December 2010

Transdiffusion’s annual list of those we have loved and lost in the past year – broadcasting personalities of one degree of fame or another who have transmitted for the last time.

A year in a Wordle

25 December 2010

A review of the year seen through the eyes of a Wordle.

Season’s greetings from Transdiffusion

24 December 2010

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Transdiffusion

Devil in disguise

22 December 2010

Judging by the reaction from some media commentators, the removal of Vince Cable from making the decision as to whether or not News Corp can take over BSkyB (it’s bound…

Biased opinion

18 December 2010

Major news provision costs money. Of all people, Mark Thompson ought to know a thing or two when it comes to such matters, as well as the roles and responsibilities…

“We now have a World Wide Web page…”

16 December 2010

Don’t forget to have your pen and paper handy to write down the address!

Who not to trust

14 December 2010

The BBC Trust has predictably had a rough ride since its inception, especially as it was initially created through political expediency as opposed to a natural requirement for change, therefore…

Bleakley and Chiles talk Daybreak

27 November 2010

Much has been said about ITV1’s Daybreak, the replacement for GMTV which, it has to be said, hasn’t got off to the greatest of starts. None of what’s been said has been said by me as frankly I’m a Today programme listener and not even my natural interest could beat my early morning, groggy inertia and make me put the television on. However whilst much has been said in the press and by other commentators, not a huge amount as been said by its stars. Until now.

Not much to love

24 November 2010

Whilst everyone else is currently thinking about other, much more pressing matters such as the economy, student fees or a certain wedding, the UK radio industry is still fretting to…

Does anyone care what happens to Five News anymore?

24 November 2010

The news that Channel 5’s new owner Richard Desmond wants to make a more popularist, celebrity led news service, just makes me want to shrug and go “meh”.

Sky writing

22 November 2010

Want something to read that’s simultaneously both amusing and sinister at the same time? Then head over to the Sky website and download the PDF of BSkyB’s submission to Ofcom…

A face for radio?

10 November 2010

As well as a certain dispute involving a group of disgruntled journalists, there’s another ongoing BBC-related row in the form of employment tribunal action taken by ex-Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly…

The hardest sell

5 November 2010

Strikes are never nice things even when you have 100% support from all concerned, but when it affects a group of people who appear to have relatively secure and reasonably…

BBC Strikes

4 November 2010

As I type it’s about two hours to go before the start of a 48 hour walkout by BBC members of the NUJ union as part of a protest about pension changes at the broadcaster. The walkout is expected to affect most of the Corporation’s news and current affairs output with high profile casualties likely to include the Today Programme and Newsnight, as well as BBC One’s news bulletins and the BBC News Channel.

Catch-up work

1 November 2010

Nearly everyone seems to agree that some form of video-on-demand represents the future of television, so naturally there’s a race on between established UK providers (BSkyB, Virgin Media) and broadcasters/producers…

Cutting remarks

20 October 2010

Given the pro-BBC lobby’s near-meltdown at the merest thought of yesterday’s licence fee settlement (not only frozen but with additional expenditure tacked on as well), it’s rather perplexing to still…

Frozen asset

19 October 2010

It’s true that the BBC has now managed to secure licence fee funding for another six years, but only the most pessimistic would have thought anything otherwise under the circumstances;…

Sun Hill Saved

17 October 2010

Since The Bill ended earlier this year, it’s studios in South West London have been rather quiet, as I wrote about in my recent article, The Bill Stops Here.

I’m Proud of the BBC

15 October 2010

Well Mitch Benn is. So proud he’s made a song to tell everyone.

Political persuasion

13 October 2010

Whilst the media world awaits Vince Cable’s crucial decision on whether News Corp. should be permitted to further extend its influence with a full takeover of BSkyB, there’s a political…

‘Axed by mistake’

12 October 2010

Here’s a story and a half. Back in 2006 Mark Damazer, then controller of BBC Radio 4, axed the piece of music that had heralded the start of the broadcasting…

Fraud without end, Amen.

30 September 2010

The phone quiz scandal will run and run

They want your money

30 September 2010

Does C4 deserve some of the licence fee?

A little local difficulty

28 September 2010

After the Tories’ manifesto pledge that Labour’s ITV regional news provider proposal will be swiftly replaced with something that’s city-centric (despite the alarmingly high failure rate for local television), it…

Manchester loses its Granada TV sign

27 September 2010

Anyone who ever visited Manchester city centre will know there’s plenty of great delights to admire. And I’m not talking about the Arndale Centre here.

Is Chris Blumer the hardest working presenter in radio? Well maybe not…

22 September 2010

Following on from my blog post Is Chris Blumer the Hardest Working Presenter in Radio, Bridge FM have been in touch and it turns out Chris Blumer isn’t actually as…

Is Chris Blumer the hardest working presenter in radio?

20 September 2010

From Wales Town and Country Broadcasting operates eight radio stations, mostly clustered along the south of the country, Many of its stations share presenters. Notably they’re generally not networking, but several of its presenters do shows on different stations, sometimes at the same time.

The road to ITV’s recovery

18 September 2010

Russ J Graham on what lessons can be learned from ITV making great drama for the BBC

Frozen in time

16 September 2010

Perhaps a very predictable thing to happen to the TV licence fee given recent events, but the decision to freeze the fee until at least 2013 further highlights ongoing weaknesses…

No longer a Channel One – it’s all nothing from now on

15 September 2010

Well here’s something we didn’t expect to be saying. Just over a month after it was announced that Virgin One would becoming Channel One after Sky bought it and other channels from Virgin Media, and just a few weeks after the station rebrand went ahead and… err… well… Sky decide to close it down completely…

Happy (belated) birthday to the Broom Cupboard

13 September 2010

For those children of the 80s the sight of Phillip Schofield in a cupboard will always be one that will hold a special place in our hearts. CBBC launched at 3:55 on 9 September 1985 and has been hanging around ever since.

Extreme Channel Makeover

11 September 2010

Chase McPherson on the dizzying parade of changing brands in the US cable TV market

The S4/C problem

10 September 2010

Now is not a good time for Welsh television broadcaster S4/C, which has just been given an ultimatum by Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to draw up a financial plan for…

The end of the Border line

9 September 2010

Colm O’Rourke reflects on the life and death of Border Television

A Tribute to Owen Edwards

9 September 2010

Nigel Stapley remembers the man who founded S4C

Thompson’s revenge

28 August 2010

It has taken a year after the infamous (and highly predictable, especially in retrospect) James Murdoch speech at the Edinburgh International Television Festival for the official “right to reply” from…

The slow death of S4C?

19 August 2010

S4C appears to be in trouble. What has happened in Cardiff – and Wales – to scupper the broadcasting success story of the 1980s?

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