April Fooled? 

1 April 2011 tbs.pm/1253

Happy 1 April everybody! Ah yes, April Fools – that bizarre tradition where people wander around playing tricks on people. So spot anything interesting this morning did you?

Well we did. If you didn’t, here’s what you missed… And it wasn’t penguins. Although that one from 2008 remains very cool…

Radio 3 Extra

Over on Radio Today, they broke the news that Radio 3 Extra is to launch today at lunchtime. Funnily enough, it didn’t. Apparently the news that it was launching was kept secret because of the current era of cuts.

Not the most convincing story it has to be said – it seems to be impossible for any major story related to the BBC not to have been leaked big style for starters. And hey, wouldn’t they want to make a big song and dance over a new station that would, apparently be speech led and has a DAB bitrate of 32k?

3D Radio

All the 3’s today clearly as Radio 4’s Today programme brought us news of 3D radio.

Naturally pounced on by many as an April Fool, it’s certainly based on truth – either that or the Today Programme have been playing a very elaborate joke this year. It was first reported in December 2010 that the BBC really are investigating 3D radio.

The official route seems a bit more complicated, requiring eight speakers. On the other hand, the Today programme’s method involved a pair of headphones, with Evan Davies telling people to “put your hand in front of your face and turn your head from left to right to reduce the hiss”.

Leaving the sofa

Meanwhile on Digital Spy, news that Sian Williams is to leave the BBC Breakfast sofa as they’re moving the programme to Salford! Bonkers! Oh… hang on… what’s that Ed? They really are moving the show to Salford? Well of all the things to do… You’ll be telling me they’re moving Question Time away from Westminster next…

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