Necrolog 2010 

31 December 2010

Transdiffusion’s annual list of those we have loved and lost in the past year – broadcasting personalities of one degree of fame or another who have transmitted for the last time.

John Freeman (93) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 1 January

Animator, The Smurfs

David Gerber (86) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 2 January

Executive producer, Police Story

David Giles (83) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 6 January

Director, Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

Andis Hadjicostis (43) famfamfam-flag-cy.png

Murdered 11 January

CEO, Sigma TV Cyprus

Petra Schürmann (74) famfamfam-flag-de.png

Died 14 January

TV presenter

Mark Jones (70) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 14 January

Character actor, everything

George Jellinek (90) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 16 January

WQXR radio announcer

Daisuke Gōri (57) famfamfam-flag-jp.png

Suicide 17 January

Actor in anime series

Kalthoum Sarrai (47) famfamfam-flag-tn.png

Died 19 January

Presenter on French TV

Jennifer Lyon (37) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 19 January

US Reality TV star

Johnny Seven (83) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 22 January

Actor, Ironside

James Mitchell (89) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 22 January

Actor, All My Children

Roger Pierre (86) famfamfam-flag-fr.png

Died 23 January

TV presenter

Robert Lam (64) famfamfam-flag-my.png

Died 23 January


Pernell Roberts (81) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 24 January

Actor, Bonanza

James Henry Quello (95) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 24 January

Nixon-appointed head of the FCC

Zelda Rubinstein (76) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 27 January

Actor, Picket Fences

Barry Blitzer (80) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 27 January

Comedy writer, The Flintsones

Sarah Mulvey (34) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Probable suicide 28 January

Channel 4 commissioning editor

Margaret Dale (87) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 28 January

Director of Dance at the BBC

Eric Freiwald (82) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 29 January

TV writer, The Young and the Restless

Aaron Ruben (95) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 30 January

Producer, Andy Griffith Show

Justin Mentell (27) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 1 February

Actor, Boston Legal

Frances Reid (95) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 3 February

Actor, Days of our Lives

John McCallum (91) famfamfam-flag-au.png

Died 3 February

Producer, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo


Ian Carmichael (89) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 5 February

Actor, The World of Wooster

Robert Hoy (82) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 8 February

Actor, The Enforcer

David Froman (71) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 8 February

Actor, Matlock


Cy Grant (90) famfamfam-flag-gy.png

Died 13 February

Lieutenant Green, Captain Scarlet

George Waring (84) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 15 February

Arnold Swain, Coronation Street

Bo Griffin (51) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 16 January

Radio and TV presenter

Bull Verweij (100) famfamfam-flag-nl.png

Died 19 January

Founder of Radio Veronica

Lionel Jeffries (83) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 19 February

Actor, Tom, Dick and Harriet

Jason Wood (38) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 20 February


Sandy Kenyon (87) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 20 February

Voice actor, The Twilight Zone

Robin Davies (56) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 22 February

Actor, The Newcomers

Andrew Koenig (41) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Found dead from suicide 25 February

Actor, Growing Pains

Dave Sheasby (69) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 26 February

Radio producer

Richard Devon (84) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 26 February

Actor, Lassie

Nathan Scott (94) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 27 February

Composer, Lassie


Kristian Digby (32) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 1 March 2010

TV presenter

Don Kent (92) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 2 March 2010

Weatherman, WBZ-TV

Judith Bumpus (70) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 2 March 2010

Radio producer

Roger Newman (69) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 4 March

Actor, Guiding Light

Nan Martin (82) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 4 March

Actor, The Drew Carey Show


Richard Stapley (aka Richard Wyler) (86) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 5 March

Actor, Man from Interpol

Corey Haim (38) famfamfam-flag-ca.png

Died 10 March

Actor, The Edison Twins

Peter Graves (83) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 14 March

Actor, Mission: Impossible

Charlie Gillett (68) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 17 March

Radio presenter

Fess Parker (85) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 18 March

Actor, Daniel Boone

Bill McIntyre (80) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 19 March

Actor, Dallas

Ebet Kadarusman (73) famfamfam-flag-id.png

Died 20 March

TV and radio presenter


Harry Carpenter (84) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 20 March

TV sports presenter

Robert Culp (79) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 24 March

Actor, I Spy

Chet Simmons (81) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 25 March

President of ESPN

Des Hoysted (86) famfamfam-flag-au.png

Died 25 March

Horse racing commentator

Des Hoysted (45) famfamfam-flag-ca.png

Died 28 March


David Mills (48) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 30 March

TV writer, NYPD Blue

John Forsythe (92) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 1 April

Actor, Charlie’s Angels


Roland MacLeod (74) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 3 April

Actor, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

Christopher Cazenove (64) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 7 April

Actor, Dynasty

Hiro Muramoto (43) famfamfam-flag-jp.png

Murdered 10 April

Reuters cameraman

Dixie Carter (70) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 10 April

Actor, Diff’rent Strokes


Alexander Bernstein (74) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 13 April


Raimondo Vianello (87) famfamfam-flag-it.png

Died 15 April

TV personality

Michael Pataki (72) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 15 April

Character actor, everything

Sid Conrad (86) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 16 April

Actor, The Young and the Restless

Allen Swift (86) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 18 April

Voice actor, Howdy Doody

Gerry Ryan (53) famfamfam-flag-ie.png

Died 30 April

TV and radio presenter

Helen Wagner (91) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 1 May

Actor, As the World Turns

Jimmy Gardner (85) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 3 May

Character actor, everything

Mark Shannon (58) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 8 May

KTOK radio presenter

Allan Manings (86) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 12 May

TV writer, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In

Eddie Garrett (82) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 13 May

Actor, Quincy ME

Fred O’Donovan (80) famfamfam-flag-ie.png

Died 14 May

Former chairman of the RTÉ Authority

Stephen Perry (55) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Murdered on or before 16 May

TV writer, ThunderCats

Martin Cohan (77) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 19 May

TV producer, Who’s the Boss?

Willie Webber (80) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 23 May

TV and radio personality


Barbara New (c87) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 24 May

Actor, You Rang, M’Lord?

Gary Coleman (42) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 28 May

Actor, Diff’rent Strokes

Eddie Barth (78) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 28 May

Actor, Simon & Simon

Robert O Smith (67) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 1 June

Radio presenter

Rue McClanahan (76) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 3 June

Actor, Golden Girls

Robert Hudson (90) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 3 June

Created Test Match Special for the Third Network

Himan Brown (99) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 4 June

Producer, CBS Radio Mystery Theatre

Robert Wussler (73) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 5 June

Founder, CNN

Adriana Xenides (54) famfamfam-flag-ar.png

Died 7 June

Wheel of Fortune nymphette on Australian TV

Tony Cennamo (76) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 8 June


Bernie Andrews (76) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 11 June

Radio producer

Richard Herrmann (90) famfamfam-flag-no.png

Died 14 June

NRK presenter

Phil Gordon (94) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 15 June

Character actor, everything

Vince O’Brien (91) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 19 June

Character actor, everything


Chris Sievey (aka Frank Sidebottom) (54) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 21 June


Irwin Barker (58) famfamfam-flag-ca.png

Died 21 June

TV writer, This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Pennant Roberts (69) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 22 June

TV director

Allyn Ferguson (85) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 23 June

Composer, Charlie’s Angels

Alan Plater (75) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 25 June


Pietro Taricone (35) famfamfam-flag-it.png

Died 29 June

Reality show star

Gordon Mulholland (89) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 30 June

Actor, The Villagers

Alison Booker (47) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 1 July

BBC local radio presenter

Murray Chercover (80) famfamfam-flag-ca.png

Died 3 July


Roy Waller (69) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 6 July

Radio presenter

John Henning (73) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 7 July



Gilly Coman (50) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 13 July

Actor, Bread

Kip King (72) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 15 July

Character actor, everything

Shirley Silvey (82) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 17 July

Animator, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

Larry Keith (79) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 17 July

Actor, All My Children

Robert Sandall (58) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 20 July

Radio presenter

Daniel Schorr (93) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 23 July

NPR journalist

Wallace Souza (51) famfamfam-flag-br.png

Died 27 July

Reality TV presenter

JJ Maura (61) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 28 July

TV announcer

John Aylesworth (80) famfamfam-flag-ca.png

Died 28 July

TV writer, Hee Haw

Clint Formby (86) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 31 July

Radio presenter


Jack Parnell (87) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 8 August

Musical director at ATV

Jay Larkin (59) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 9 August

TV executive, Showtime

Tab Baker (50) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 9 August

Actor, Prison Break

David L Wolper (82) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 10 August

TV producer, Roots

Jimmy Reid (78) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 10 August

Trades unionist turned broadcaster

Paul Ryan Rudd (70) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 12 August

Character actor, everything

Edward Kean (85) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 13 August

TV writer, Howdy Doody

Gloria Winters (c78) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 14 August

Actor, Sky King

Dan Avey (69) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 15 August

Radio presenter

Alejandro Maclean (41) famfamfam-flag-es.png

Died 17 August

TV producer

Fiona Coyne (45) famfamfam-flag-za.png

Probable suicide on 18 August

Presenter, The Weakest Link South Africa

Jackson Gillis (93) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 19 August

TV writer, Perry Mason

Jack Horkheimer (72) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 20 August

PBS equivalent of Patrick Moore

Harold Dow (62) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 21 August

Newsman, 48 Hours

Nancy Dolman (58) famfamfam-flag-ca.png

Died 21 August

Actor, Soap

Dave McElhatton (81) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 23 August

News anchor

Owen Edwards (c76) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 30 August

Founder CEO of S4C

Morgan White (86) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 2 September

Producer of KGMB Honolulu’s Checkers & Pogo

David Dortort (93) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 5 September

Producer, Bonanza

Riad al-Saray (35) famfamfam-flag-iq.png

Murdered 7 September

TV presenter

John Kluge (95) famfamfam-flag-de.png

Died 7 September

Former owner of Metromedia (formerly DuMont, later Fox)

Harold Gould (86) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 11 September

Character actor, everything

Fud Leclerc (86) famfamfam-flag-be.png

Died 20 September

First person to score nul points in the Eurovision Song Contest

Van Snowden (71) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 22 September

Puppeteer, HR Pufnstuf

Art Gilmore (98) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 25 September

Character actor, everything

Mickey Freeman (90) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 28 September

Actor, The Phil Silvers Show

Joe Mantell (94) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 29 September

Character actor, everything

Tony Curtis (85) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 29 September

Actor, The Persuaders!

Stephen J Cannell (69) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 30 September

Producer, almost everything in the 1980s

Roger A Peterson (89) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 1 October

Producer, What’s My Line

Norman Wisdom (95) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 4 October


Frank Bourgholtzer (90) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 8 October

NBC News White House correspondent

Janet MacLachlan (77) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 11 October

Actor, Archie Bunker’s Place

Mark Stevens (76) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 12 October

KLOL radio presenter


Mary Malcolm (92) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 13 October

BBC announcer

Simon MacCorkindale (58) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 14 October

Actor, Manimal

Jim Dougal (65) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 15 October


Barbara Billingsley (94) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 16 October

Actor, Leave It to Beaver


Graham Crowden (87) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 19 October

Actor, Waiting for God

Tom Bosley (83) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 19 October

Actor, Happy Days

Wendall Woodbury (68) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 20 October

Presenter, WGAL-TV

Alex Anderson (90) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 22 October


Lamont Johnson (88) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 24 October

Director, Dr Kildare

Bob Courtney (87) famfamfam-flag-za.png

Died 24 October

SABC announcer

James Wall (92) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 27 October

Mr Baxter, Captain Kangaroo

Denise Borino-Quinn (46) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 27 October

Actress, The Sopranos

James MacArthur (72) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 28 October

Actor, Hawaii Five-O


Gerard Kelly (51) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 28 October

Actor, Rab C Nesbitt

Robert Ellenstein (87) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 28 October

Character actor, everything

Mervyn Haisman (82) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 29 October

Writer, Doctor Who

Arthur Bernard Lewis (84) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 30 October

Writer, Dallas

Ina Clare (77) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 30 October

Extra, everything

Charlie O’Donnell (78) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 1 November

Wheel of Fortune announcer

Julien Hug (35) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Suicide c3 November

Reality TV star

Jill Clayburgh (66) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 5 November

Actor, Ally McBeal

Addison Powell (89) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 8 November

Actor, Dark Shadows

William Self (89) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 15 November

Character actor, everything

Moira Hoey (88) famfamfam-flag-ie.png

Died 15 November

Actor, The Riordans

Ruth Springford (89) famfamfam-flag-ca.png

Died 20 November

Actor, The Frankie Howerd Show

Willis Burks (75) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 21 November

Character actor, everything

Ingrid Pitt (73) famfamfam-flag-pl.png

Died 23 November

Actor, Doctor Who

Gavin Blyth (41) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 26 November

Producer, Emmerdale

Leslie Nielsen (84) famfamfam-flag-ca.png

Died 28 November

Actor, Police Squad!

Al Mancini (80) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 29 November

Producer, Baywatch Hawaii

Ted Sorel (74) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 30 November

Character actor, everything

Chane’t Johnson (34) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 2 December

Character actor, everything

Alan Armer (88) famfamfam-flag-us.png

Died 5 December

Producer, The Fugitive

Anthony Howard (76) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 19 December


Brian Hanrahan (61) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 20 December


Elisabeth Beresford (84) famfamfam-flag-gb.png

Died 24 December

Underground, overground, Wombling free

As ever, the shifting mass of satellite and cable multi-channels has seen the demise of several television networks this year, presented here courtesy of Wikipedia and Wordle:


And some long-running or otherwise notable TV shows were cancelled this year:


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Jeff Katz 2 January 2011 at 3:53 am

You list the death of Pernal Roberts as Jan 24. He actually died in October or November 2010. Please correct your information.

Russ J Graham 4 January 2011 at 10:10 am

Hi Jeff

Where are you getting October/November from?

According to The Guardian it’s 24 January; according to the BBC it’s January; according to the (less reliable) IMDb it’s 24 January; according to his dedicated fansite it’s 24 January.

Am I missing something?

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