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‘Uncle Red’ would like a hit pop

Published 18 December 2023

The Rediffusion announcer ‘writes’ music by humming it into a microphone

Join the Club

Published 28 February 2022

How the simple art of TV continuity and a decorative graphic were instrumental in my learning the alphabet and telling the time

For the last time…

Published 3 May 2021

It’s 29 July 1968 and Rediffusion London comes on air for the very last time

ITV puts its announcers in the picture

Published 13 January 2021

A change in policy at A-R and ATV as they bring their announcers into view

Rediffusion’s voices of authority

Published 17 December 2017

⧉ A gallery of Rediffusion continuity announcers with audio clips

On the scent of a ghost

Published 31 October 2017

⧉ Over on our Rediffusion site, join Redvers Kyle for a catalogue of spooky experiences

Seen and Heard

Published 24 February 2016

Redvers Kyle explains his new experimental schools programme in 1963

Celebrating Redvers

Published 4 December 2015

A report from the funeral of Redvers Kyle

Looking and Seeing

Published 28 November 2015

The Daily Telegraph have an obituary of Redvers Kyle that concentrates on his time as host of ‘Looking and Seeing’

Funeral details for Redvers Kyle

Published 21 November 2015

Friday 4 December at 1.40pm at Rawdon Crematorium, Leeds

Redvers Kyle 1929-2015

Published 19 November 2015

Remembering one of the consummate voices of ITV

Three giants

Published 2 March 2015

Leslie Mitchell, John Benson and Redvers Kyle

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