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Jonathan Morrell

Published 30 April 2009

News presenter and announcer

Peter Preston on Fox News

Published 20 April 2009

Peter Preston has a fantastic piece in the Guardian about Fox News, and what makes it a “success”

The Word & The Deed

Published 20 July 2008

Watch your language!

In Memoriam: Tim Russert

Published 22 June 2008

Tim Russert of NBC remembered

State of News

Published 8 January 2008

The battle to lead in Texas

Editorialising the News

Published 1 July 2007

Politics subverts purpose

Andy Kluz

Published 1 May 2007

Teesside news presenter

News Timeline

Published 20 March 2007

News over the years

Pam Royle

Published 1 January 2007

News presenter

When news is a goldmine

Published 25 June 2006

The media can rally a nation – but how far will they go for an exclusive?

First, fair, Fox?

Published 30 April 2006

A fair and balanced commentary from Ian Beaumont

And now, the weather – Part 2

Published 29 March 2006

Weather in the 2000s

And now, the weather – Part 1

Published 29 March 2006

Weather in the 1990s

North East Tonight – Part 8

Published 29 March 2006

Mike Neville leaves

North East Tonight – Part 7

Published 29 March 2006

The programme leaves City Road

North East Tonight – Part 6

Published 29 March 2006

North East Tonight goes corporate

North East Tonight – Part 5

Published 29 March 2006

Several new looks

North East Tonight – Part 4

Published 29 March 2006

A new clone of “Tonight”

North East Tonight – Part 3

Published 29 March 2006

Going minimalist in 2000

North East Tonight – Part 3

Published 29 March 2006

The end of News at Ten changes everything

North East Tonight – Part 1

Published 29 March 2006

Mike’s switched

Tyne Tees News & Tonight

Published 29 March 2006

United branding

Network North

Published 29 March 2006

The south gets its own programme

Tyne Tees Today

Published 29 March 2006

Corporate rebranding

Nothern Life in pictures

Published 29 March 2006

A pictorial guide

Northern Life

Published 29 March 2006

Tyne Tees’s longest running news programme

Early News Programmes

Published 29 March 2006

News in the early years

Bias Towards Action

Published 15 April 2005

Is it all our own fault?

New look for Five News

Published 1 February 2005

Kirsty on the mezzanine

From Newsreel to News 24

Published 1 September 2004

50 years of BBC Television News


Published 1 April 2004

A new news for ITV – nationally and regionally

London’s news

Published 1 January 2004

No more London News Network.

The Darkest Day

Published 1 January 2004

Joseph Gallant remembers the end of the dream

Fallen Idols

Published 18 August 2003

Andrew Bowden watches Saddam’s fall from grace

A better News 24

Published 1 January 2003

The government wants a better BBC News 24.

All new news

Published 1 January 2003

ITN News Channel is now ITV News Channel. No change.

No news is good news

Published 1 July 2002

ITN News Channel? No thanks

Paul Frost

Published 9 June 2002

The Beard on the box

Five for news

Published 1 June 2002

Why Five does it best

Federation News

Published 1 May 2002

The problems of ITV1’s local news

Newsround Past

Published 2 April 2002

Take a journey back to the early days

Newsround Present

Published 1 April 2002

Newsround in the 21st Century

Set pieces

Published 1 January 2002

Screen furniture from ITN

News At When

Published 1 January 2002

The mistake of messing with the Ten

Liquid gold

Published 1 January 2002

The origins of the BBC’s Liquid News

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