News Timeline 

20 March 2007

How Tyne Tees’s main news programmes have changed over the years.

16 January 1959: North East Roundabout starts
First news programme. A fifteen minute programme initially weekly on Friday nights. Later also broadcast midweek as Midweek Roundabout, and later moving to broadcast five

nights a week.

27 March 1964: Final edition of North East Roundabout
Broadcast on Good Friday
30 March 1964: North East Newsview starts
Nightly programme, 45 minutes long on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 55

minutes long on Wednesdays and Fridays.

1969: Today At Six starts
Tyne Tees’s first news colour programme launched.
1976: Northern Life starts
The longest running news programme on Tyne Tees. Initially 30 minutes

long, some hour long editions were run in the late 1980s.

2 October 1992: Final Northern Life
Paul Frost and Pam Royle say goodbye. Until Monday…
5 October 1992: Tyne Tees Today starts
A new era of branding sees Northern Life replaced.
31 March 1993: Network North starts
The region is split into subregions with Tyne Tees Today broadcasting from Newcastle to the North, and Network North coming from Teesside, broadcasting to the South.
November 1995: Tyne Tees News starts
The two brands for the North and South are replaced, although separate programmes continue to be broadcast.
January 1996: Tonight launched
Tyne Tees News is joined by a new lifestyle programme called Tonight.
30 August 1996: Final editions of Tyne Tees News and Tonight
Making way for the world of Channel 3 North East
2 September 1996: North East Tonight with Mike Neville starts
All three programmes combined into one with new presenter Mike Neville, poached from the BBC’s Look North. Launched on the same day as the Channel 3 North East branding.
8 March 1999: Start of North East Tonight, with Primetime strand
The Tonight lifestyle programme returns as a 25 minute segment of North East Tonight, called Primetime.
5 April 1999: Primetime dropped
Primetime is unceremoniously dropped and regional opt outs are introduced into the programme.
21 May 2001: North East Today launched
Lifestyle removed from North East Tonight and the programme reduced to 30

minutes long. Lifestyle moves to North East Today at lunchtime, with separate

editions for north and south.

20 December 2002: Final edition of North East Today
Afternoon regional magazine programme comes to an end.
2002 (2 September): North East Tonight and North East Today.
Late bulletin folded into News at Ten, and renamed North East Tonight.

New set introduced in Teesside.

2 February 2004: ITV generic look applied to North East Tonight
North East Tonight re-branded to match revamped ITV News service.
1 July 2005: Final broadcast from City Road studios
So long Newcastle
2 July 2005: First broadcast from Television House in Gateshead. Mike Neville’s final edition of North East Tonight.
Having been off ill for several weeks, Mike returned for the start of the Gateshead era, for what would turn out to be his final edition of the programme.
August and November 2005: Trials run of separate programmes for the north and the south of the region
The absence of Mike Neville sees bosses try something different
16 January 2006: North East Tonight split into two editions full time
North and South go their separete ways.
5 June 2006: Announcement made that Mike Neville would not be returning to North East Tonight
The news was a principle story on the programme, taking up a significant amount of airtime.

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