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29 March 2006 tbs.pm/3497

Tyne Tees ident from 1992

Tyne Tees Today was the result of a major re-branding at Tyne Tees in 1992. Out went the old logos and programme names, and in came a batch of new graphics, new idents and the brand new Tyne Tees Today.

What did remain was the Northern Life dream team of Paul Frost and Ram Royle, who both moved over to the new programme.

However, despite the expense, it was to be short-lived, lasting just six months in its original format.

Although Tyne Tees Today, and its predecessor Northern Life, had featured opt-outs for the south of the region, the decision was taken to split the news service in two, with a seperate 6pm bulletin coming from newly built Teesside news centre. As such, Tyne Tees Today was reduced to serving just the north of the region.

There were also to be some presenter changes. Initially Paul Frost and Pam Royle had been pencilled in to present the new Southern bulletin, with bulletin presenter Dawn Thwelis being one of the front runners for the North. However at the same time, Paul Frost took the decision to move away from daily news bulletins and in the end, Pam Royle remained at Newcastle.

Initially Paul was replaced by political editor Stuart McNeil, but his stint on the programme was to be short lived when he moved to a senior role behind the scenes.

The summer months were then spent with Tyne Tees Match presenter Duncan Wood and reporter Andrew Friend working on alternate weeks. Duncan didn’t survive the summer trial of death and soon returned to the sports desk, although this was also to be short-lived as he departed for GMTV shortly after.

After that, things finally began to calm down, with Andrew Friend and Pam Royle presenting the programme until its end in 1995.

Tyne Tees Today in Pictures

Still from the first Tyne Tees Today Trailer

A trailer for the first show. A show like you’ve never seen before…

Tyne Tees Today Logo in 1992

The show got some swooshy new titles, with rather odd collection of dots, slanted rectangles and bizarre radiation symbols flying around in the background. It also featured the new Tyne Tees logo.

Tyne Tees Today Studio Paul and Pam in the Tyne Tees Today Studio

Former Northern Life anchors Paul Frost and Pam Royle on the new set. Described as ‘art deco’ by the Northern Echo, the new set was much bigger than the old Northern Life studio. Pam and Paul got to sit behind a huge ‘futuristic-ally’ designed desk, for which the designers had obviously consulted a book on curves, in contrast to the rather blocky sets of Northern Life.

The backdrop was blue and featured the flying shapes. The same shapes featured in the title sequence.

Paul Frost and Bob Johnson in 1992

The studio also contained a seating area for use when necessary, although this was often used purely because weatherman Bob Johnson needed somewhere to sit so he could engage in banter with Paul Frost!

Pam Royale gets joined by a monitor

Whilst Paul was talking’s been wittering away to Bob, Pam’s been joined by a monitor so that she can chat to Stuart McNeil in the newsroom.

Stuart McNeil rounds up the days headlines

Stuart was perching on a desk long before anyone on Channel 5 News. Whilst perching, he takes us through the days main stories, from the action packed newsroom.

Paul Frost and Pam Royale in 1992 Tyne Tees Today Production Slide

And with that it’s back to the studio. Paul’s back at his seat and it’s the end of the show for another night.

So it’s a blast of theme tune and bye bye Tyne Tees Today for another day.

Tyne Tees Today Back Soon Caption

But don’t worry! They’ll be back soon…

Yes okay, I know they used that caption for the mid-show ad breaks, but it ends this bit on a nice and corny note so there.

Still from the Tyne Tees News titles of 1992

News bulletins were re-branded under the Tyne Tees News brand, and had a similar version of the logo.

Tyne Tees News set from 1992.

The initial bulletin set that was plagued with difficulties. Tyne Tees News was written on a curved pillar in the background but the angle of the curve meant that it was a constant battle to keep them stuck on.

The T in Tyne never looked straight and once the Y fell off completely during a bulletin with Kathy Secker. The producers had had enough and replaced the whole lot with a shiny TTTV logo, which looked terrible and was replaced after a day by the old Tyne Tees News letters.

John Lawrence in the 1994 bulletin studio

By 1994, the set had got a repaint. The curved pillar of the 1992 bulletin studio was retained, but painted a dark blue with a flat, stuck on TTTV logo. The odd italic news logo didn’t particularly fit in with any other branding used in the north of the region, but is very similar to that used on Network North in the south. Presenting this bulletin is John Lawrence.

Carol Marlia on the redressed Tyne Tees Saturday studio

For the Saturday evenings, a ‘Tyne Tees Saturday’ slogan was used. Your presenter is Carol Marlia.

Both Carol and John later moved to the BBC to replace Mike Neville on Look North.

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Maxwell Bogie 4 October 2023 at 11:52 pm

Tyne Tees Today promo in 1992 starts off with What’s Happening? and What’s Going On? and Acapella/Rockapella male singers, Which is also used on The Royal Bank of Scotland adverts in 1999 and 2000. Then, It’s goes off with the announcer and Tyne Tees Today music. I love it too! This is cool. Thanks!

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