North East Tonight – Part 3 

29 March 2006

In Autumn 2000, North East Tonight revamped again, but this time with a completely new look, matching the station’s new ident.

The changes were mostly cosmetic – the shows format barely changed although it did gain one new item. A new TTTV graphic appeared in the top left corner of the screen. This was quickly toned down, although it remained present. Sometimes. Maybe.

The rebrand saw a major revamp of Tyne Tees’s news output, which stylistically had barely changed in five years. Even when North East Tonight had been introduced, it felt very similar to Tyne Tees News.

In Pictures

North East Tonight after the break.

Prior to the programme, an ad break would be shown, but before the ad, Mike would appear to tell us what was coming up. At the end, this lovely caption would be shown.

Still from the 2000 North East Tonight title sequence Still from the 2000 North East Tonight title sequence North East Tonight with Mike Neville logo

The new titles featured circles with pictures of the north east, and the statutory shots of Mike Neville in them. As it has done since the programme launched in 1996, Mike’s name appears under the programme name.

A headline graphicNorth East Tonight LogoMike Neville in the new set.

Indeed the style of the programme as a whole has changed very little since 1996, bar the introduction of new sets and graphics. Headline graphics, like this one, are still enclosed by a large frame, with swooshy effects as the pictures change.

North East Tonight overlaid caption North East Tonight two way display

The new look saw the introduction of overlaid captions related to the story, and the two shot captions got a new look as well.

Mike Neville and Bob JohnsonThe 2000 North East Tonight Studio

As ever, towards the end of the show, it’s time for a rambling conversation, and maybe even some weather, with Bob Johnson.

The end of the show gives us the chance to see that studio in all it’s minimalist glory, complete with the short-lived blue place-mats on the desk. The whole effect looked rather bare. No plasma screens. No sofas. Just a desk and a backdrop. You’d think they’d have shoved a monitor or something in there to fill it up…

Note the white rectangle in front of Mike – is that a computer screen or just paper?

North East Tonight credits

And as the credits roll you can just about see a rail near the floor of the studio. What a lovely touch…

North East News

At the same time, North East News got a new look as well, first seen on the lunchtime bulletin.

Still from the North East News title sequenceStill from the North East News title sequenceNorth East News Logo

The title sequence contains more shots of the North East in the bubbles, and absolutely no pictures of Mike Neville!

The new look Teesside news studio.

Teesside studio, with Claire Montgomery

The Newcastle news backdrop.

Pam Royle in the Newcastle studio

The Teesside and Newcastle bulletin studios were equipped with blue backdrops. The Teesside backdrop was rather plain, whilst Newcastle’s had circles on the background and was slightly darker with shadows.

The backdrop removed in Teesside.

However, within days the the backdrop in the Teesside bulletin studio started being removed for the late news bulletin, which is broadcast from Billsdale across the region. Quite why is unknown. Instead the bulletin reverted to using a backdrop of the gallery – used since 1993. The revised gallery shot (shown here with Victoria Huxley) did feature slightly slighter lighting however.

The blue backdrop continued to be used for the daytime bulletins, but one can only wonder why a dark gallery was deemed better for the post 11pm roundup. Still the gallery did look better.

Next North East News graphics

And when’s the next bulletin on? Ah…

News Graphics

The graphics used on captions and information screens are identical on North East Tonight and North East News.

A graphic from 2001

‘Reporting’ and information graphics are white, going blue at the end. Here, Nigel Green is reporting.

A crime related caption

Full screen captions have appropriate imagery in the background. Note how the top of the screen is darker on the top left, so that the Tyne Tees News DOG is visible. Not quite sure what all those eyes have to do with crime though.

The 'banker' bet for the horse racingThe 'money spinner' bet for the horse racing

Personally I haven’t come across another regional news programme that have Horse racing tips, but North East Tonight does! Here are the tips for the following day – the Banker (a supposed dead cert) and the Money Spinner (more risky, but better odds). Not sure where Ichi Beau came in though.

A football related captionA Premier League caption

More sport captions, this time for the football. Premiership second, Nationwide Division Three first. You may notice that the second picture has the Tyne Tees news DOG (the logo in the top left), whilst the first, there is nothing.

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