In Memoriam: Tim Russert 

22 June 2008

Tim Russert

James Barrington remembers veteran NBC commentator Tim Russert, 1950-2008: Moderator on NBC’s Meet the Press; anchor; Senior Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief, NBC News, who passed away on June 13, 2008.

When news shows stop production in New York to come out of Washington; when flags fly at half staff; when Mayors, Governors and members of the Senate and the Congress, as well as former Presidents, the Vice President and the Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates also stop their schedules to all come together; and when anchors from all the main US television networks also attend; the event must be special, and so it was – sadly, the funeral of NBC Anchor Tim Russert, who died, aged 58, on Friday 13 June 2008.

Luke Russert interviewed on the Today programme (June 16), along with the programme’s tribute to Tim.

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