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GCap Abandons XFM

Published 11 February 2008

Whilst most of the emphasis has gone onto GCap closing digital stations and selling its stake in DigitalOne, this mornings announcement also included some other major news that stands the chance of being less widely considered by the press. GCap are selling XFM.

The popular and unpopular with TBS writers

Published 6 February 2008

Over the last few months we’ve been rolling out a new feature at Transdiffusion. Nicknamed “More About”, it involves putting in a link next to articles to find out similar articles on particular subject.

BSkyB forced out of ITV

Published 29 January 2008

It can’t have come as much of a surprise that BSkyB have been instructed to reduce their stake in ITV plc from 17.9% to at most 7.5%. Nay, not even…

ITV say nein to the Euro 2008 final

Published 28 January 2008

Not being a sports fan by any means, this was a story I almost missed. But it’s a story that is actually quite interesting. It seems that in Euro 2008…

France 24 – Fin

Published 9 January 2008

Sarkozy wants to create a French BBC It’s been barely a year since international news channel, France 24, hit the airwaves. The station – which broadcasts in English and French…

The end for Oneword?

Published 4 January 2008

Channel 4 pulls out of digital speech station When it was started seven years ago, it was seen as the first big competitor for Radio 4. As ever, the hype…

No Voice for Christian Voice

Published 5 December 2007

Springer opera court fight fails “As a whole [it] was not and could not reasonably be regarded as aimed at, or an attack on, Christianity or what Christians held sacred”…

Shameless Self Promotion for our improved Media News section!

Published 26 November 2007

We’re not normally ones for abusing our blog for some shameless self promotion. Honest. So to make up for the cunning lack of any, here’s some for our new look…

Freeview goes high def

Published 20 November 2007

Broadcasters agree Freeview HD plan HD is the future of television (just as digital, colour, 625 lines on UHF, 405 lines on VHF and children, children, future, future, were) so…

News at When? Why, it’s at ten! Again.

Published 23 October 2007

News at Ten back – with Sir Trevor Just when you thought ITV’s late evening news bulletin had settled down after all the years of faffing around – killing off…

Good Morning Whitehaven

Published 17 October 2007

First town switches to digital TV Well it’s started. Whitehaven has become the first town in the UK to take part in digital switchover. At about 2am this morning, analogue…

Past Radio 1

Published 3 October 2007

Recalling Radio 1

Say Hello to Dave

Published 20 September 2007

UKTV G2 gets unlikely new name: Dave For reasons best known to themselves, UKTV have announced that they’re rebranding the clumsily named UKTV G2 to Dave. Yes. Dave. Apparently this…

Great Big Dockoff 4 for London

Published 24 August 2007

C4 headquarters to get giant logo When it comes to landmarks, London has a few. From the Palace of Westminster and its famous clock tower (and Big Ben bell!) and…

No Mass Switch Off, Following Mass Switch Off

Published 9 July 2007

Trial area gives thumbs-up to digital switchover “Research reveals that all 25,000 households in the lead area of Whitehaven are intending to convert to digital TV” proclaims the Media Guardian….

Our top headline tonight – those left-wing pinko scum are at it again!

Published 6 July 2007

BBC Editors Blog: Taking Sides Audience fragmentation raises questions for TV news, says Ofcom How do you get people who don’t watch the news, to engage in it? Well Ofcom…

No more Neigbours on the BBC

Published 18 May 2007

BBC pulls out of Neighbours fight And the hot story on Ramsey Street this week is that the BBC has withdrawn from the bidding for the programme, after contract renewal…

Hang the DJ, Hang the DJ

Published 17 May 2007

Xfm stations axe daytime DJs What do you call a radio station without presenters? Well, Xfm it looks like. The network of alternative music playing radio stations has today announced…

Oh, won’t someone think of the children?

Published 15 May 2007

Ofcom finds ‘stark’ future for kids’ TV Ofcom’s findings that children’s television has tripled in five years since 2002 is not that surprising, given the BBC launched two digital spin-off…

City Road

Published 1 May 2007

A look at Tyne Tees’s studios at City Road, Newcastle.

Andy Kluz

Published 1 May 2007

Teesside news presenter

Logos in Print

Published 1 May 2007

Not on screen

Perception and Innovation

Published 23 March 2007

MediaGuardian: TV nation: first mass survey finds homely bias in what we watch A survey for Ofcom, part of its first public service broadcasting annual report, shows that more than…

News Timeline

Published 20 March 2007

News over the years

Congratulations. We’ve lost Eurovision again!

Published 18 March 2007

Making Your Mind Up website I didn’t watch Making Your Mind up last night but caught a bit of the rather shambolic results programme (spectacularly they announced one person to…

2000 Idents

Published 8 March 2007

Great look, too late

1999 ITV Generic Idents

Published 8 March 2007

TV from the heart?

Production Slides and Endcaps

Published 5 March 2007

Tyne Tees’s copyright cards

The Sky’s The Limit For The Control Freaks

Published 2 March 2007

BBC News: Consumer body angry at BSkyB row In the latest stage of the Sky-Virgin debacle, The National Consumer Counci are threatening to put in an official complaint to the…

Pay for my TV? Not likely!

Published 1 March 2007

Following on from the Sky blackout for Virgin customers, it’s also not going to be long before Sky turn something else off. The free months subscription they gave me to…

Bill Steel

Published 28 February 2007

Chief announcer

Have Sky Finally Lost It, Big Time?

Published 13 February 2007

I confess I’m still trying to work out why on earth Sky are pulling three channels out of the Freeview offering, so it can attempt to flog a brand new…

Responding to Paul Dacre

Published 29 January 2007

Dacre’s attack: The accused answer back Left-wing, pinko, commie scum newspaper, The Independent, give those recently attacked by Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre, a right to reply. Perhaps most pertinant…

Defending the BBC

Published 26 January 2007

Britain is moving on – and leaving Paul Dacre behind Lance Price puts up a sterling defence of the BBC following Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre’s recent attack. Unfortunately for…

Pleasing the Daily Mail

Published 23 January 2007

Media Guardian: Dacre attacks BBC ‘cultural Marxism’ Following on from Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre’s attack on the BBC, rumours are that the corporation are acting swiftly and look set…

Public Service Funding

Published 22 January 2007

Media Guardian: More licence fee ‘slicing’ possible Media Guardian: TV and C4 cross swords over funding gap With a price tag of £300m, Ofcom’s proposed new public service publisher has…

Pam Royle

Published 1 January 2007

News presenter

Three more years of total quality television.

Published 1 December 2006

Media Guardian: Channel 4 to keep Big Brother If the rumours are true, Channel 4 are planning to subject the UK viewing public with another three years of boring, self-obsessed,…

A radio legend? Not ‘arf.

Published 28 November 2006

BBC News: Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman Alan Freeman has died, aged 79. For other forty years, Fluff was a radio institution – from Pick of the Pops to his legendary rock…

The BBC goes Latin.

Published 18 October 2006

Media Guardian: Beyond soap – BBC embraces villains, plot twists and Latin style of telenovela So the Brazillian style soap opera, or Telenova, is coming to the UK. The difference…

ITV Thames Valley to be late

Published 20 September 2006

Media Guardian: Launch of ITV region delayed Actually the news that ITV’s new Thames Valley region (a combination of Meridian West and Central South) is going to launch a month…

Bye Bye ITV plc?

Published 9 August 2006

Media Guardian: Charles Allen ousted as ITV chief while broadcaster considers name change Now they’re shot of Charles Allen, ITV Chairman Sir Peter Burt is looking at solving the problems…

A sign of desperation?

Published 7 August 2006

Media Guardian: ITV planning move for Big Brother If it’s true that ITV are trying to poach Big Brother then there is only one question – canny move to bolster…

Will the last viewer turn out the lights?

Published 27 July 2006

What can be said about ITV at the minute? It’s Big Brother “beater” is doing appallingly (with an added bonus that Channel 4 is beating it in the ratings). The…

Mike Neville

Published 17 June 2006

North East television legend

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