‘Uncle Red’ would like a hit pop 

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Derby Evening Telegraph masthead

From the Derby Evening Telegraph for 14 November 1961

BACK from five weeks’ holiday at home in South Africa is Associated Rediffusion announcer Redvers Kyle – better know to child viewers as Uncle Red.

Slim, dark-haired Red Kyle has been at his parents’ home near Krugersdorp – a trip he makes about once in two years.

He is 31, a graduate of a Johannesburg University, with a degree in English and the history of music.

Not many viewers know about Uncle Red’s interest in music. He’s mad about it – any sort of music.

‘Mood records

Redvers Kyle

REDVERS KYLE has a history of music degree.

He composes and has had two of his compositions of “mood music” recorded.

One, “Busy Bachelor” (which he thinks adequately describes himself), is used as the signature tune to an A-R programme, “Inquiry Unlimited.” Another – “Saunter in Soho” has been used to introduce “Facts and Fiction,” a children’s programme on books.

Red has also written a musical based on “The Young Visiters,” a story written by Daisy Ashford, a nine-year-old girl of the Edwardian era – hence the unusual spelling of “Visiters.”

Melody gift

“I don’t write music or play the piano,” Red confessed. “What I do is hum into a tape recorder. I have a collaborator who arranges and orchestrates for me. All I have is the gift of melody.”

He told me: “I wouldn’t mind writing a pop song. I’m always trekking round Tin Pan Alley with songs, but they either tell me the songs are too good or not good enough. Perhaps I’ll have a hit one day.”

He came to England in 1952 and was a schoolmaster until he secured enough work with the B.B.C., announcing, acting and scriptwriting.

His first experience of TV was doing “voices” for B.B.C. “Toytown” programmes. He joined ITV soon after it began and was first a film commentator – out of vision – on I.T.N.



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