The John Baird 

3 August 2018

commemorated in a
Public House

From the Journal of the Television Society, number 4 of volume 9 for October-December 1959

A new Public House, the John Baird, was opened by the owners, Courage & Barclay Ltd, at Princes Avenue, Muswell Hill on October 7, 1959

The opening ceremony was performed by Capt. R. H. Courage and Mr. Leslie Mitchell, the first television announcer from Alexandra Palace. With Mr. Mitchell is Mr. Malcolm Baird, son of the television pioneer. The photograph taken in the bar shows Mr. Cecil Madden, another television veteran, and Mr. T. M. C. Lance, who operated Baird’s first high definition transmitter system. On the extreme right is Mr. B. Clapp, one of J. L. Baird’s earliest associates.

The Society was represented by Mr. D. C. Birkinshaw (Supt. Engineer, B.B.C. Television), Mr. T. H. Bridgewater (Supt. Engineer, O.B.) and the Hon. Secretary [G Parr].

Cecil Madden, TMC Lance, Leslie Mitchell, B Clapp

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