Candid Cameo: Leslie Mitchell

6 May 2024

The voice that has to be seen to be believed

Frost philosophy: Don’t waste time

8 April 2024

With TV-am six months away, the Press and Journal sits down with leading light David Frost

For Hatch it all started in church

28 December 2023

It all began when a prayer book whizzed passed Tony Hatch’s head

‘Uncle Red’ would like a hit pop

18 December 2023

The Rediffusion announcer ‘writes’ music by humming it into a microphone

Jon Pertwee – Warts and all

9 December 2023

The 70-year-old actor talks to TVTimes about the character he has lived and loves

Off parade – at the Hartnell home

2 December 2023

William Hartnell is a much more rounded man than his roles suggest, says the TVTimes

Ready-for-Anything Muriel

13 November 2023

“I’ve sung with Freddie Sales, gagged with Norman Wisdom, been pinched by Arthur English and kissed by Arthur Askey”

Judith’s tense moments as a TV announcer

9 October 2023

Meet Judith Chalmers, the busy BBCtv announcing ‘girl’

William the Conqueror

14 September 2023

The producer who became a quiz show host


3 July 2023

24 hours in the life of Kenny Everett

What brand of soap?

26 June 2023

Inside the make-up department at Anglia House

Roger England: a career in cameras

1 May 2023

Meet Roger England, who spent his life behind the cameras of the most popular ITV programmes

Presenting BILL WARD in his sensational production JUGGLING with the STARS

20 March 2023

Meet the man behind the BBC Television Service’s most memorable live shows

David Cass

27 February 2023

Journalist and newscaster David Cass talks about life at ITN

The last of Richard Baker’s summer wine

8 July 2022

As Richard Baker retires from newsreading in 1982, Ariel looks back at his BBC career

‘He’s Dead Funny Sometimes’

30 June 2022

Meet the man whose laidback style belies his nose for hard news

Lime Grove’s ‘Mrs. Mopps’

28 March 2022

Going very much behind the scenes to meet the women who clean the BBCtv studios

When I talk to you

14 March 2022

An interview with the BBC continuity announcer McDonald Hobley

Newsflash TV man is returning to theatre

3 January 2022

John Edmunds hangs up his newsreader’s tie and gets ready to tread the boards – or not


11 October 2021

Richard Wyn Jones talks to ITV pioneer Roy Hayward, who worked at Aston, Teledu Cymru and Southern

Please read the news a little slower

5 July 2021

In France they’re chasing announcers down the street asking for their hand in marriage. In Britain? Not quite.

Poise in a topsy-turvy world

15 March 2021

Want to look around Granada’s studios in 1960? Paul Rycroft will show you the sights

TV announcer’s career about to take a new turn

20 January 2021

London Weekend’s Alec Taylor would like to try new things in 1975

ITV puts its announcers in the picture

13 January 2021

A change in policy at A-R and ATV as they bring their announcers into view

“Holme Moss is the wildest place I’ve ever worked”

14 October 2020

60 men battle the elements to bring BBCtv to the north of England in 1951

A TV Tycoon Replies

6 June 2020

A splendid 1972 rant from Westward’s Peter Cadbury on who should pay for ITV-2

How to stay in television

18 April 2020

BBCtv continuity announcer, reporter, actress and director Jacqueline Mackenzie tells us how to land – and keep – a role in television in 1958

Who’s who in Dr. Who

29 August 2019

Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who is getting scarier, says the Daily Express in 1971

It’s funny how careful an announcer must be

27 February 2019

Meet David Geary, Anglia’s new newsreader in 1973

Birth of a Name

8 November 2018

A 1952 discussion of where and when the word “television” was coined

‘Air hostesses’ – new style

17 October 2018

Meet Muriel Young and Daphne Anderson, announcers for Associated-Rediffusion and ABC (aka ATV) in 1955

The John Baird

3 August 2018

The [now-Royal] Television Society attends the opening of a pub commemorating the developer of TV

24 hours in the life of the Frost show

2 July 2018

The Daily Mirror watches David Frost prepare for his Rediffusion show in 1967

Big beat – West Country style

12 April 2018

Can Westward discover the next group to follow in the footsteps of The Beatles in 1964?

Clangers in the Romper Room

15 March 2018

The TVTimes meets Miss Rosalyn of Anglia’s The Romper Room in 1967

Rodney drops a brick

13 March 2018

Granada stars working on a building site are imagined in this twaddle from the TVTimes in 1958

Training Broadcast Announcers

13 February 2018

Fluffing of foreign words leads KDKA to train announcers for the first time in 1922

Anglia’s dancing ‘Senorita’

8 February 2018

About Anglia’s new reporter, Joan Shenton, talks to the TVTimes in 1966

Why I created Torchy

14 November 2017

Roberta Leigh explains the genesis of ABC’s new puppet show to the TVTimes in 1959

Doris Hare just can’t keep off the buses

19 September 2017

A look at how Doris Hare rose to fame from 1971

TV’s boy quiz wonder

12 September 2017

Meet the boy who won Granada’s Criss Cross Quiz in 1959

Introducing… Mike Neville

6 September 2017

Republished upon his death on 6 September 2017 aged 80: The Radio Times in 1968 speaks to ‘Look North’ presenter Mike Neville

Timothy’s years between

29 August 2017

Granada and the TVTimes in 1960 look at what became of the baby from A Diary for Timothy

John Lord – television teacher No. 1

18 July 2017

Meet television’s first on-screen teacher, appearing on our screens in 1957

Iris Jones

29 June 2017

An interview from 2001 with Teledu Cymru continuity announcer and actress Iris Jones, republished upon her death on 29 June 2017

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