‘Air hostesses’ – new style 

17 October 2018 tbs.pm/67893

Muriel Young

DON’T call them “announcers” — new TV does not use the title — but both these attractive girls are filling jobs for which a top qualification is an ability to make viewers feel welcome and wanted — just what a good hostess does with her guests.

Muriel Young (right), first emcee to be appointed by Associated-Rediffusion, says: “I don’t care what my title is — the job’s wonderful.”

The job is to be a mistress of ceremonies whose duties include “filling-in” any unplanned gaps between programmes in addition to announcing.

This 27-year-old with the grey-green eyes and deep brown hair was trained as a dental nurse and once painted glass-ware.

Daphne Anderson

DAPHNE ANDERSON, auburn-haired and roguish-eyed, is hostess of ABC’s [renamed ‘ATV’ a week later] “Week-End,” programme. Note the “hostess.” But like emcee Muriel Young she has that warm and friendly approach which is vital to both jobs.

She was chosen after a marathon audition. In her early thirties, she is at present starring in the West End musical “Twenty Minutes South.”

At the TV audition Miss Anderson was told: “Question this man. Pretend he’s just swum the Channel.”

She struck out with a will. “I enjoyed the excitement and pretended I was talking to a guest in my own home.”

Article from the TVTimes for 2-8 October 1955

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Alan Keeling 17 October 2018 at 3:51 pm

As well as playing superintendent Gideon’s wife, Kate in Gideons Way (ITC 1964/65), Daphne Anderson has appeared in many films and TV Shows over the years including Sword of Freedom, Richard the Lionheart, Z Cars, The Avengers, etc.

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