From Carlisle to Blackpool 

2 May 2023


Many thanks for bothering to write to us. I am delighted you can hear us in Blackpool, and it is extremely useful to us to have this sort of report as it is the only really effective way in which we can get a clear pattern of our actual transmissions. I am particularly pleased that you can hear us at the moment as we are not yet using our permanent transmitter which is still being built, but a temporary one on the edge of Carlisle, which is radiating on 955 kHz or 397 metres as stated in your letter, on an erp of approximately 500 watts.

Our VHF transmitter will be broadcasting on 96.5 mHz at 5 kilowatts, and we hope to start tests on this transmitter on or shortly after the 15th October. As you suspect it is at Sandale. For your amusement, I enclose a BBC Radio Carlisle car sticker, and also a time-table of our test transmissions which may be useful to you.

I look forward to hearing from you how much further afield you can receive us.

Yours sincerely

Tim Pitt




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