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14 August 2022

Radio Caroline ship at sea


Caroline Club welcome letter

Dear Member,

Welcome to the Caroline Club. With your membership card, badge and photographs is a Radio Caroline brochure which we hope will answer many of the questions which you have raised in your correspondence.

The mail continues to pour in at Caroline House and includes many applications for jobs. We try to answer these as soon as we can, but we are all very busy so please excuse us if there is a little delay. The D.J.s are also doing their best to answer letters from Club members which they usually do in their off duty hours aboard ship.

For Caroline Club members in the South, a special programme was started on the 11th of July to play requests and announce items of interest to ‘members. For members wishing to have requests played in the South, send in your postcards and address them to Caroline Club Requests (South), Radio Caroline, London, W.1. quoting membership number.

Shortly a Caroline Club programme will be started for Northern members and similar items of news and special offers will be broadcast to members.

Lots of interesting ideas for Caroline members are now being discussed at Caroline House. Caroline Coffee Bars will shortly be opening in various parts of the country. The first one incidentally was opened by Jerry Duncan in Felixstowe on the 4th of July. Details of other advantages to Club members will be announced as they become available.

Incidentally, when writing to Caroline Club, please write your membership number in the top left hand corner of the envelope. This will help immensely when sorting the mail and avoid delay in a reply.

In the few months it has been in existence Radio Caroline has gone from strength to strength in its aim to provide listeners with the kind of entertainment they want. The Caroline Club is an important part of the organisation and everything is being done to make membership worth while.

Thank you all very much for your wonderful support and enthusiasm.


David Martin
(Caroline Club Secretary)






1966 Caroline Club newsletter

Dear Member,

Firstly we would like to thank you for your wonderful support over the last year. Since the Club was formed in 1964, it has really caught on big, and has now become the largest Club of its kind in the world.


Both of our ‘Caroline’ ships have undergone a huge ‘boost’ in power, a new 50 k.w. transmitter on the ‘Mi Amigo’ (Caroline South) and an equal ‘boost’ to Caroline North. We now have the most powerful Radio Station Network in Britain.

We are at the moment compiling a ‘Radio Caroline Discount Directory’, this will enable Club members to use their ‘membership card’ in shops, stores and clubs with discounts exclusive to Club Members.


This is our first Free Competition of 1966. Only Full Caroline Club Members can enter. There are 1,000 prizes. ‘FINK’ is a word that is used by most of Radio Caroline D.J’s at one time or another. We are expecting some fantastic ‘way-out’ ideas as to what you think our Caroline ‘FINK’ should look like. Don’t forget to read completely your ‘FINK’ folder enclosed.


This is the most valuable Identity Bracelet you will ever own. Firstly you have to have your name and Club Number engraved on the inside. If our panel of Show Business personalities and Caroline D.J’s choose your ‘FINK’ as one of the 1,000 prize winners, then you will have to send in your bracelet to the Club to claim your prize (Don’t worry, you will get it back) and your bracelet will be your ‘Passport’ to other promotions and competitions we have lined up for Members during 1966. So make sure you don’t lose it.


Attached you will find a renewal form and two membership application forms for you to pass on to your friends. The Membership is 10/- (ten shillings) annually [50p in decimal, about £10 now allowing for inflation – Ed], and this 10/- will come back to you time and time again in many, many ways over the next 12 months. On the back of each Form there is a space for a Record Request and a personal message. These requests will be played on the ‘Club Hour’ every day starting from May 1st.


This ‘knock-out’ game, has been specially designed for Radio Caroline listeners. All the D.J’s on board Caroline play ‘ Top-Pop Spin’. Every member who gets two of his or her friends to join the Caroline Club, will get a FREE Top-Pop Spin Game. So it’s up to you. Just get two friends to join the club and we send you your TOP-POP SPIN FREE.

So put on your Finking Cap and start Funking. Just ‘fink’ of those 1,000 prizes.



P.S. Due to the fantastic number of ‘FINKS’ to be judged and the length of time in this will take, will you please send your entry within the next 10 days, and oblige. Many Thanks.

P.P.S. All Postal Orders or Cheques to be crossed and made payable to the “CAROLINE CLUB”.


As you will by now have realised, your enclosed Identity Bracelet is worth more than the 10/- Membership. Therefore, if you feel that you do not want to rejoin the Club, we would be more than obliged if you would return the Bracelet to us at your earliest possible convenience.


Caroline Club renewal form





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