Famous Faces 

15 August 2001 tbs.pm/3160

Pirate stations broadcasting popular music from forts and ships off the coast of the UK were not just about the music.

Offshore Radio Day colour

There was more to offshore radio than just the music.

There was also the attendant lifestyle – being a teenager, rebelling against the establishment, putting the past behind you. All of this could be done by listening to the off-shore stations and by buying publications put out by the Free radio Association and the Save Our Stations Campaign.

One of these was ‘Beatwave’ magazine, whose second issue in 1967 (priced at a hefty 3/6d – 17.5p or £1.65 allowing for inflation) featured photos of those DJs we had heard but never seen until then. Some are better known now than they were then; some have disappeared without trace.

Radio London

Radio Caroline

Small Faces

Pictures ©1967 Beatwave Limited.

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